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  1. SeabrookMiglla

    The REAL reason we keep losing the Mosconi Cup

    I agree with your points in the sense that the average amateur player is probably stronger in Europe than in America. This means that players who move up in the ranks are exposed to much tougher competition even at the local level.
  2. SeabrookMiglla

    Schon Cues

    I bought a hoppe tribute a couple of years ago, its pretty nice... mine has the classic linen wrap on it though...
  3. SeabrookMiglla

    Billy Thorpe conceded with 7 balls left.

    it depends, if i know the person and am friends with them and know they wont care then i may concede an easy rack. but, regardless to me its kind of selfish to concede a rack to your opponent in a high pressure environment. those pressure moments are what make you a better player, so its kind...
  4. SeabrookMiglla

    Historical Evolution of Phillipino pool?

    In addition: During the era of European imperialism through out the world, the British and French brought billiards to regions they colonized. British brought Snooker to India, French introduced carom in Vietnam. The list goes on...
  5. SeabrookMiglla

    How many Pro level players would you say there are residing in the US?

    NO you idiot! PRO as in 'Propane' !
  6. SeabrookMiglla

    Best Black Players Of All Time

    'black nate' out of louisiana was a top 1 hole player in the 60's and 70's
  7. SeabrookMiglla

    Jayson Shaw victim or defeated foe

    He was going for the ten and called the two... The ten was the obvious shot though, ain't nobody in their right mind going for that 2 ball carom...
  8. SeabrookMiglla

    Center Ball

    eh i try to stay around center top-middle-bottom more or less. why use spin if you dont need it? just throws in more variables... although no doubt using english, especially a lot of it- is a learned skill, which is really useful. my default stroke tells me to work more from center ball, and...
  9. SeabrookMiglla


    i dont think pool along with other cue sports have as much elitism as other sports like golf or tennis etc. its a game thats more financially accessible to more people. pool does have a certain respect for player's that transcend color. i think thats because physicality is not as pronounced as...
  10. SeabrookMiglla

    The lack of professionalism

    definitely a ridiculous amount of flamewars here on the main forum... the other categories found on AZ are nowhere nearly as bad. a lot of really good information can be found on some of the posts here, but you've gotta sift through the cat fight posts to get to them...
  11. SeabrookMiglla

    Ever Miss An Easy Shot

    i miss shots all the time, this game is f'ing hard...
  12. SeabrookMiglla

    Is pool the most difficult sport for an Amateur to turn Pro?

    one becomes a professional boxer (and most of the time a pro fighter in general), not because of skill, but because they pay for that title and compete in the pro ranks... there are amateur boxers who represent their country and get paid by their country so they never need to go pro in order to...
  13. SeabrookMiglla

    Is Schon's website down?

    i have both a schon and a segen- they have a different feel from one another. both are very good quality cues, no doubt about that. i would recommend either brand to anyone interested.
  14. SeabrookMiglla

    best shaft for easier backspin

    shafts with more whip and a thinner tapers seem to draw easier for me... jmo
  15. SeabrookMiglla

    Darren Appleton vs Earl Strickland on 4 pocket Diamond table

    im not gonna write off earl, but i'd still put appleton as the favorite... appleton is still a consistent top tier player as of right now, earl is a player is in the twiilight of his career but still very capable of putting on an exceptional performance on any given day. im not sure if anyone...
  16. SeabrookMiglla

    Creating a new app for pool players, looking for feedback + suggestions

    pretty good idea with the location beacon! people get to know some spots to go to. i like it. what if you have a seperate rank option with leader boards? what if you mede kinda like your online gamer account but for pool. that may be a pretty cool addition.
  17. SeabrookMiglla

    Real pool reality show question.

    if i had X amount of dollars to spend on a reality show that focused on pool. id probably do something like anthony bordain. get a travelling pool player who travels the world to different pool halls and plays all sorts of different cue sports/games. maybe gamble or play tournaments etc. make...
  18. SeabrookMiglla

    I played my first 3 games of one pocket tonight...

    I think 1 pocket is the only game that you're actually playing your opponent. In the sense that you can adjust your strategy based off of who you are playing by knowing their tendencies as a player. Games like 8,9,14.1 etc you're pretty much playing yourself and the layout of the table...
  19. SeabrookMiglla

    Win or lose, Mark Wilson has pulled together a good Team USA!

    i agree, they need to keep mark wilson as the coach. team looks much more composed and determined than the previous years. you can definitely see a change in attitude... i like the addition of some youth, really has an effect on the veterans to perform.