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    Game That Teaches The Most Skills?

    9 ball if you are a decent player, maybe one pocket if you aren't. with 9ball you can stay in shape for most other games because pocketing balls and moving whitey around is paramount to playing well in any game.
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    John Schmidt has beaten Mosconi

    Growing up in the roaring twenties heyday, I suspect Mosconi played a lot in non-a/c'd rooms with those clay balls, not the best of conditions, which is the norm today. In Hawaii back in the fifties and sixties all the poolrooms were open-air with 'thick' humidity and 'sticky' tables, ESPECIALLY...
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    US Open- What is it with Players doing work of staff, referees?

    Does the us open 9-ball championship have major network tv coverage and payout $2,500,000.00 to the winner? I believe if you win just two matches you are guaranteed over $50,000, which is probably more the the 9ball champion will win. Don't even TRY to compare Roger Federer to the top pool...
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    Who's the best you ever played for the cash???

    Was that at Bob's Billiards or Bellflower? I remember Blake, if he was that little curley haired redheaded kid. He hung out with Australian Pete. I used to call him "Nubs", he, he.
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    Keith Would have Crushed Them

    By any chance, you nickname wouldn't be "Scrawny Ronnie" would it?
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    Keith Would have Crushed Them

    Keith played a lot on 4 x 8s when he was coming up because of his guardian, Bob. the first time I played him it was on a 4 x 8 in bob's billiards when Keith was I think 14 years old. He was a sucker then that road players would target in that poolroom. It wasn't more than a year or so later that...
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    Keith Would have Crushed Them

    I agree. Years ago I was on a road trip with Hawaiian Brian through Florida, and that's how he broke down a lot of good players, with his shot-making ability, especially cutting balls in in shoot out. the modern one foul ball in hand is more of an equalizer because of the luck involved.
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    Keith Would have Crushed Them

    If Keith played Alex when Keith was 25 years old, Keith could have spotted him the world. I don't believe Alex played too good at 5 years of age.
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    Funny Pool Stories.....

    Lou Sardo was in Hawaiian Brian’s Billiards hitting balls by himself and a pretty good player walks in and asks him to play a game for $20.00. Lou tells him, “I don’t gamble, but I’ll play you a game of straight pool. If I lose, I’ll pay you $20.00. If I win, you don’t have to pay me. The...
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    How late of an age can you start pool and ascend to short-stop or pro level?

    Using your simplistic explanation of the pool stroke, why can't anyone become a professional bowler with the simple motion of rolling a ball?!! If you've been playing pool or bowling or any game of skill, you come to the realization that in all games there is that "dog factor" that limits many...
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    How late of an age can you start pool and ascend to short-stop or pro level?

    Hmmm...Did you mean a short, shortstop??
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    Rules question on outside interference

    I can't seem to find anything in the BCA rules that covers this situation. I am sure it must have come up in tournaments. Strange. When I was playing a lot in the late 60s-70s I usually mentioned to my opponent if that situation arose, we would just put the balls back the best we could and the...
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    Rules question on outside interference

    Could someone tell me if there is a rule covering outside interference on a player taking a shot: If a player is down on a ball stroking his cue and about to pull the trigger (or in the process of shooting) and someone on another table (or not involved in the game) inadvertently bumps the...
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    Best All Around Older Player In Ca

    Six or eight years ago I was in Orange County for a funeral and stopped in at Hard Times before flying home to Hawaii. Having some time to kill, I talked to Al, reminiscing about old times. The last time I played him, years ago, was when we both played opposite-handed, and he beat me when I...
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    Old School Pool Players

    Agreed. Agreed.
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    Efrens no rail spot shot - Video Example

    Back in the 80's, I played in a poolroom in Arlington, VA (off of Arlington Blvd.) and I played a guy from PA. He beat me for a few hundred and after the match while we were bullsh#ting about pool, he shot that spot shot and stopped it about 2 to 3 inches from the spot. He jacked up and masse'd...
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    Gambling DOES NOT help your game, ever!

    Well, how good ARE you after all of that top notch teaching?
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    Gambling DOES NOT help your game, ever!

    I disagree. I doubt that "NOT ONE" will say they played in money matches to get in stroke. Many of them will tell you they did play in competitive money matches, usually races, to get in stroke and prepare, and others will probably agree that if they had the chance to, they also would have...
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    Gambling DOES NOT help your game, ever!

    It happens all the time in pool, golf, bowling, to name a few. Actually, it gives many players an incentive to play longer, harder, smarter and safer. Playing for money (within your means) should improve your game, IF you are matched up right, not over-matched. The worst thing for your game is...
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    Biggest Air Barrels you have ever seen or heard of !!!

    A Double Barrelled Air Gun, or Up In Smoke In the early 70's, I was hanging out at an all-night action poolroom called Hard Times in Newport Beach, CA. A well-known gambler called "Charlie the Ape" visited after-hours occasionally. Charlie was a card player, backer and half-ass bar table...