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    Rare Southwest Pau Ferro Satin.

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    Tournaments in Salt Lake City?

    a bunch of weekly 8 ball bar tourneys mostly not reported to Fargo. The place to play is Big Willies
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    Sold Sw

    Pictures? How much $$$?
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    Sold Lambros 4 point Ultra joint $2500 OBO

    Weights and shaft diameters updated.
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    Sold Lambros 4 point Ultra joint $2500 OBO

    - Ultra Joint Radial Pin. - 2 Shafts One black ferrule replaced by Jim pierce (Non LD) - Butt weighs 15.5 oz - Black ferrule shaft is 12.16mm and weighs 3.7 oz -White ferrule shaft is 12.59mm and weighs 3.9 oz - Ebony points/Curly maple forearm. - 5 veneer. Natural/Red/Green/Yellow/Black. -...
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    WTB: Diveney, Frey, etc

    Pm sent
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    New South west

    Pm sent
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    WTB Lambros Ultra LD shaft.

    Looking for a Lambros LD shaft that fits a Radial pin. Pm me what you got, thanks.
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    Does the yellow micarta have certain characteristics that you prefer? I’ve heard/read around here that it’s lighter than most materials but hits hard/crisp like ivory. Care to give me some input?
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    WTB Diveney Sneaky

    Preferably Ebony nosed with a Lakewood shaft. Please send me what you got! I have money ready. Thanks
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    Just a Beautiful Melton

    How do I get a hold of this guy? Do you know if he’s taking orders? Beautiful case!
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    Predator QR extension

    Sold Pics to come