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    Castle Billiards NJ, throw player out for being too good

    Cleary makes this whole thread!
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    predator ikon 3 - 314(2) shaft

    Predator Ikon 3 cue with a 314-2 shaft. $475usd, shipped. The cue is in Alberta but I will ship it within Canada or the USA. The shaft was only used for a month, it has been taken down to 12.2mm at the tip and the taper style is the same as any 314 shaft. 4 inches from the ferrule the shaft...
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    Some of the BEST at Western BCA

    It's not good for viewing! That's why they stream the higher caliber matches.
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    TAR 31 Woofing: Is this real?

    These 2 guys are hilarious! The big head vs big ass videos are funny too
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    FS: 8/9/10 ball Magic Rack

    Bump bump bump
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    for sale original by palmer

    Bump cause it looks good
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    Custom 5 Point $1200.00

    Bump for a beauty
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    Beautiful Ebony Omen For Sale

    Bump for a nice cue. Glws
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    FS - Leon Sly w/lakewood shaft

    Bump for a good deal
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    Ed Prewitt Beauty Forsale

    Nice cue. Glws
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    Predator SE-12 & Omega BJ & Case Available

    Wow nice cue! Glws
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    Fs Predator Ikon

    Thanks for the pictures
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    Kikel hustler 60"

    Sounds like a nice cue, to bad no pictures
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    F/S New Predator 314-2 UNI-LOC Shaft No Collar

    Pm sent please reply
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    FOR SALE: Predator Blak 4*8 Butterfly Soft

    I have this case. Its a great case
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    Pink Ivory With Double Recuts from Jack Madden

    That's a great looking cue! Jack does nice work. I've only seen a couple if his cues but they play and look great!
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    Fs Pechauer w/2 shafts

    Do you have any pictures?
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    Predator/ 11

    Very nice cue. Glwys