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    Mezz Ace Cues Model 185

    I use ACE181 as my player. It’s My first Mezz & now I’m all in on Mezz Cues!
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    Sold McDermott rare C-15 with leather wrap Price reduced

    Great Cue! This model was my first cue bought 30+ years ago. I still have mine or I would definitely scoop this one up.
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    Would love to buy a diamond pool ball cleaner

    I hate a dirty table and balls. I got a Diamond single platter for a Christmas gift, About the same time, I switched from master to taom v10 chalk. I love the Diamond ball cleaner, but I don’t know if it was necessary after switching chalk. Table and balls go two or thee times as long between...
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    Mid extension Mezz wavy1

    Rick doesn’t do wavy pin, any other suggestions?
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    Mid extension Mezz wavy1

    Thanks for the info, I’ll look him up.
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    Mid extension Mezz wavy1

    Does anyone make or is willing to custom make a mid extension for a Mezz Wavy1 joint. Carbon fiber? Something that would look good on ACE-181.
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    Wanted: Decent Inexpensive break cue

    McDermott lucky on Amazon $70 & McDermott Sledge Hammer shaft $155 is my combo……
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    Mezz Weight Bolt

    I just tried a 30” Kielwood shaft. It’s made by Sawdust cues. It even has matching rings. It hits very nice, nothing negative to say about it. BUT There is just something about the Mezz shafts…RDeca might have the perfect combo figured out. The mid cue extension, seems like a real good option...
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    Mezz Weight Bolt

    Thanks for the replies. Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask questions, but always get such helpful responses. I think plugging the hole with something would make me feel better. I’ll pick up some different bolts and experiment. I have 4” & 8” cf extensions now. They do work well, especially...
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    Mezz Weight Bolt

    I’m experimenting with a 3” butt extension on my Mezz Ace181. Now the cue feels bit heavier than I like. I would like to totally remove the weight bolt & play with none. Anything wrong with this? I really like the cue & don’t want to damage it in anyway.
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    Took The Old McDermott Out For A Stroll Today

    Thanks for your reply, very helpful.
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    Took The Old McDermott Out For A Stroll Today

    What did that set you back? I considering the same for my C15
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    Took The Old McDermott Out For A Stroll Today

    Thanks HawaiianEye! Your post inspired me to pullout my C15… My first cue, used, bought for me 30 years ago by my father. With a few nicks it came with and a few I added as a kid. What a solid cue it is, I still love it. One of two cues that will be with me until they belong to my children...
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    How many balls have you pocketed?

    Close to 50% of the ones I shoot at!! Sadly,,, Rarely more than 2 in a row. Can I get the name of the aiming system thread?? Lol!!
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    Manning Cues?

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    Mezz WX Alpha - OB Rezz8

    Bump Open to reasonable offers.
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    Mezz WX Alpha - OB Rezz8

    Mezz WX Alpha 29” wavy1 joint, less than a year old. Very light play. Great shaft, just didn’t like the taper. $200 OB Rezz 8 30” wavy 1 joint. Never chalked or played. Ordered and would not fit my cue. OB offered me send it back for them to make it right, or suggested I could take it to a...
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    Changing my pool cue from Predator to Mezz

    I bought a Mezz to try.. without doing much research I got the wxAlpha shaft. It’s a more conical tapered shaft. I hated it, but loved the hit of the Mezz… I then got a WX700, love the shaft taper love the cue!!
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    Old Josswest cue porn........................

    It was today that I found out that my one and only JW was called a box cue…