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  1. blucollar

    WTB Ron Thomas / GTF 1x2

    Like the title says...Thomas or gtf 1x2....exotic skins or tooled a big plus....must be mint.
  2. blucollar

    Has anyone recovered their cues / money from TZ

    Wondering if anyone out there has gotten their Zinzola cues or refunds. I fortunately was able to recover two cues from him and was wondering if anyone else has had any success in doing so...Regards
  3. blucollar

    Zinzola on the bay..99 starting bid

  4. blucollar

    Steve Klein

    Anyone help me out with an email or contact info for Mr. Klein? Thank you in advance!
  5. blucollar

    Colt AR15 for cue

    Pic speaks for itself. If you don't know what u r looking at u probably should not own it. Looking to trade for top maker cue. I will obviously add. I also have a new Beretta Nano 9mm to add (pics later). INo SW , Black Boar, or Black.
  6. blucollar

    If you were a cuemaker......

    Would you care about the value of your cues on the secondary market and if so, what would you do to keep values up?
  7. blucollar

    Dale Perry $90 shipped CONUS!!!

    Dale Perry Cocobolo cue with micarta and turquoise inlay. Shaft is about 12.5 mm and weight is 19 oz. kamui black soft tip. linen ferrule/ Normal play on shaft and a few minor dings nothing serious whatsoever. It is what it is an Ebay Dale Perry but it really does play fantastic, I bought this...
  8. blucollar

    Al Bautista spam email

    Looks like Al is stuck in Nigeria and only needs $1800 to get home, anyone else get this crap yet. Reminds me of the Roy Mallott one a while back
  9. blucollar

    WTB older Sharp Point Schon

    Throwing around the thought of buying a sharp point Schon. If u have time show me what you have. Must be mint or close and no thin shafts
  10. blucollar

    American Eagle cue tips

    looking for feedback from anyone who has used american eagle black cue tips from how did they perform..did u like them?...etc.. thanx in advance to all replies
  11. blucollar

    Prewiit or Tasc

    Prewitt or Tasc Looking to make a move on either a Prewitt or Tasc. Leaning toward the Tasc. I know the decision is mine but I was wondering where you guys stood and why? Thanx!
  12. blucollar

    (2) boxes of magic chalk

    I have 2 boxes (4cubes) of blue magic chalk. Pics really not necessary...its chalk. $8.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Thanks.
  13. blucollar

    Looking for case...2x4 or 3x5

    Preferably barton style interior....will entertain cases up to $ 400 shipped..thanx in advance
  14. blucollar

    Durbin Merry Widow

    Here we have a beautiful Mike Durbin Merry Widow with fantastic waterfall bubinga and nice ringwork...weight is just under 19oz. 58 inches long. Black and white speck linen. 2 shafts (13mm) has about 6 racks on it, the other is unhit. Cue has LBM joint and ferrules with a g10 pin. I tried...
  15. blucollar

    My experience with Tom Watters / Recollection cues

    I ordered a custom cue a while back and in anticipation to getting it I sold my cue. That build is taking a little longer than expected for acceptable reasons but by me selling my cue I had nothing. I didnt really have the money to purchase a cue. I was trolling the cue dealer sites and came...
  16. blucollar

    Buy/sell question

    Is therw a "Black List" here on AZ of traders to avoid?
  17. blucollar

    Stupid Question

    What is vcash?
  18. blucollar

    Magic chalk!!!!

    I have 2 boxes (4 cubes) of magic chalk available....first $8.00 gets em shipped anywhere in the US....Great stuff and pretty hard to get. Color is blue
  19. blucollar

    Cuemaker Mike Durbin

    Was wondering if anyone could help me out with Mike Durbins contact info for a cue build..thanx in advance!
  20. blucollar

    Shooting pool and the "old lady"

    How many guys out there get grief from the wife for shootin too much pool?