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  1. Hollismason

    Who are the best Foreign Cue Makers ( US Dollar is i

    Yes, I know we all want to buy locally from the USA. However, I came across a website from one of the other posters called Craftsman cues and then it dawned on me that the Euro and the British Pound have pretty much tanked over the previous 10 years to be comparable now with the US Dollar...
  2. Hollismason

    Cool News Story about Schmelke Cues

    I saw this on their Facebook page and it's a really neat news story about Schmelke Cues
  3. Hollismason

    Ideas and opinions on turning bumper pool table into pool practice table

    Well I think the first is would it even be worth it. The material on this is a pretty heavy duty felt pattern. It's total length from straight rail to straight rail is 42 inches so I right at 3 1/2 feet. The bottom underneath the felt is most certainly wood. I actually forgot I had this thing...
  4. Hollismason

    Schmelke (custom) Purple Heart Break Shaft Cue

    So this is my first cue that I have had specially made. It is a Purple Heart Shaft w/ Maple Butt and Purple Irish Linen wrap. The tip is Ultraskin Heavy Hitter. It weighs 19 oz ( same as my player). It's actually a "true" 13mm I compared it to my normal player and it's obviously slightly larger...
  5. Hollismason

    Tagua Nut as a Alternative for Ivory (Vegetable Ivory)

    I was wondering what people's thoughts on Tagua nut as a alternative for ivory. Here's the information on it:
  6. Hollismason

    Looking for a Coach in Chicago Area ( actual city not suburbs, I don't own a car)

    Hi All, I would like recommendation on a coach for billiards in the Chicago area who is a reasonable rate and lives inside the City or can meet me in the City because I don't travel outside the City. I simply want to work on my stroke, stance, and center ball hitting. Okay thanks!!!
  7. Hollismason

    The health benefits of playing pool (Tell them it's Exercise!!)

    Hi all, I am right now including practicing pool as part of my workout routine my goal right now is every other night 2 hours minimum play or practice and longer routines on the weekend. In addition to this my goal for the summer is be healthier. I am not totally unhealthy right now but I...
  8. Hollismason

    Opinions on traditional sports training for improvement in billiard play?

    Hi, I was wondering what the instructors here opinions on traditional training techniques to improve hand eye coordination, spacial awareness , and depth perception . A example of this would be Juggling to improve hand eye coordination as well as improve memorization. The other specific to...