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    Meucci 97-25 Wanted

    Looking for a friend Butt or whole cue Shaft doesnt matter
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    Huebler HA series with org. case

    Condition as new or Trade for mezz wavy or United New wrap clearcoat Over Butt 15.4oz Shaft 3.8oz new tip on 549 shipped with case Pictures on request Also on obm
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    WTB Stunning 4x8 case Volturi or

    Looking for a real nice case Show me Pm Or
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    WTB MEZZ break shaft H or R

    Looking for H-shaft in first hand Even an r if the price is right
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    Wtb mezz zz09. Zz08. Zz10

    Zz09 in first Condition doesnt matter As long its straight just the butt or whole cue
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    Ltb mezz zz09 ap1 or exceed cue

    looking for these cues mezz zz 09 zz08 mezz alex p ap1 Mika immonen 2 or something fancy but mezz united joint also have alot of old meuccis howard rempe siegel mcderm d19 pictures to thanks Johan
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    Wtb mezz zz09

    Looking for this one with united joint with wd 700 or hybrid 2 shaft let me know what you have
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    WTB meucci predot shafts

    looking for 2-3 used predots shafts for meucci collar doesnt matter straight is most importent with shipping to sweden thanks johan
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    Wtb star of david

    As the title says Looking for a DH3 Star of David And extra shafts if anyone has shafts only im interested too Thanks
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    wtb meucci david howard

    Dh1 and dh4 giant killer
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    WTB meucci rempe howard siegel

    locking for a dh4 giant slayer and rempe 7 and 2 in first hand but every cue above is interesting pm me for prices pictures to
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    Value on cues huebler and falcon varner

    2 top cues on the foto both the huebler and the falcon cue is in good condition both cues have 2 shafts one of them is warped and the other is hardly played that goes for both cues and if you know what the cues are called but i need a value on them what can i sell them for thanks johan