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  1. weakfingers

    Managing monthly costs / budgeting table time

    Hey pool shooters, Simple questions here: talking about table time (practice time) and transportation to the pool hall alone, how much do you spend per month on average? How do you budget this out every month? The reason I'm asking is because I'm starting a new job in a new city and while...
  2. weakfingers

    Keeping my stroke up on a 7' table

    Hey y'all... I'm moving to a new apartment complex soon and the good news is the complex has a free pool table in the community area. After work, or after hours, I'll probably be using it to practice at night when I don't go to the pool hall to use the big tables. I'd like to consider myself a...
  3. weakfingers

    ITHACA, NY - "Tompkins County Classic" 9 Ball

    INFO: $100.00 added, Hammond Custom Cues Phillips Hall, Ithaca College Recreation Center 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 Pre-registration: Please contact tournament director Gary Chin via e-mail to register (GCHIN92@GMAIL.COM) $25.00 entry...
  4. weakfingers

    WTB pool ball polisher

    Hey guys, The owners of a pool hall in my area are looking to buy a pool ball polisher suitable for cleaning whole sets of balls or many balls at a time. They don't use AZBilliards so I figured I would post on their behalf. EDIT: I spoke with the room owners and showed them the polisher at...
  5. weakfingers

    LTB plain jane player

    WTB plain jane player CLOSED, made a decision! Thank you! - Gary
  6. weakfingers

    Clearing your head after distraction

    Does anybody have any tips on resettling yourself after a distraction? I was on the hill on the 9 ball in a 10 ball match, and dogged the shot because I couldn't clear my head of a big distraction. Using a measles cue ball, a girl walking by the table said: "Ooh, that's a pretty cue ball". Threw...
  7. weakfingers

    Jump/break/playing cue, break/play cue, separate shafts?

    Does anyone here shoot with either of these combos, rather than having a separate break, jump, and playing cue? With a quick release for the shaft, I'd think it would be an advantage to break and play with the same cue, just switching out the shafts. Perhaps, the break shaft would have a...
  8. weakfingers

    MARCH 30 - Tompkins County Classic 9 Ball - Ithaca, NY

    $20 entry fee BCA rules Four 9 foot Brunswick Gold Crowns w/ Simonis 860 cloth 32 player double elimination Race to 5 winner's side Race to 3 one loss side 12:00 PM for registration and warm up Tournament starts promptly at 1:00 PM For more info, contact: Gary Chin at
  9. weakfingers

    How handicaps match up?

    Let's say we're talking about 9 and 10 ball handicaps here; I'm playing a weaker opponent in a race to 7. What would you consider a greater spot: giving him the 8/9 ball or two games on the wire? How do these handicaps match up in your mind, what makes you spot games rather than balls, or vice...
  10. weakfingers

    Need a couple reviewers for my short (19 min) documentary film, "The Cuemaker"

    Need a couple reviewers for my short (19 min) documentary film, "The Cuemaker" Would anybody here be interested in watching my short 19 minute documentary, "The Cuemaker" and posting a review up here in the main forum after viewing? You'd get an online streaming link to view the film for free...
  11. weakfingers

    How to visualize "skid"?

    There must have been times that balls have skidded on me, but I never like to blame my mistakes on equipment. The question I have is on this shot by Mike Dechaine on the 6 ball... Jim Wych claims the 6 skidded and that's why it missed. Agree/disagree? How can you tell from the way the ball is...
  12. weakfingers

    Mark on tip after miscue

    Just a quick question. Sometimes, when I miscue, there will be a light colored mark (or discoloration) on the side of the tip. Not that it's a big deal, but how would I get rid of this discoloration? I always would wet the tip slightly and burnish, but I'm not exactly sure if this would have...
  13. weakfingers

    How would your rank your own 9/10-ball skill level?

    Just curious: it'd be interesting to see how the shooters on AZ fall under these ranking categories... I figured a poll would be better so not everyone has to post what they think! Personally, I've only been shooting for a little over two years and I'm breaking through into the 'B' range...
  14. weakfingers

    Money game/gambling "etiquette" and advice

    I've been doing some searching and it's hard to find anything concrete on the subject, people mention it here and there but I feel there a big underground code with unwritten rules about etiquette when playing money games, etc. This is strictly for curiosity, seeing as a lot of stick situations...
  15. weakfingers

    Chalking before every shot

    Personally, I incorporate chalking into my pre-shot routine, chalking before every shot I take (especially during more important matches or games). I was reading a review on Kamui chalk, and I have personally used it a couple times, and it's some nice stuff. You truly don't have to chalk every...
  16. weakfingers

    Video I took of SVB stroke

    I don't know why I took so long to upload this, but I took some good footage of Shane for my documentary at the 2012 SBE in Philly. Enjoy.
  17. weakfingers

    Getting a "good stroke" with the mechanical bridge

    Does anyone have tips on how to generate a confident, clean follow through with a mechanical bridge? It's something I've tried to work on, but I almost always hit soft or never get what I need out of the ball. Stun and rolling the ball (soft follow) has never really been an issue, but I guess...
  18. weakfingers

    Oddity- Moori Hard/Quick and mushrooming

    Maybe I just received a dud, but I've found that the Moori Quick that I had installed on my playing cue has a tendency to mushroom quite a bit. I've used three Moori mediums and never had this problem; with a hard tip, I'd expect it to hold shape even better. What gives? Not to take anything...
  19. weakfingers

    Introducing short documentary "The Cuemaker"

    Hey y'all, My name's Gary Chin, I'm a documentary filmmaker and student living in Ithaca, NY for the next few years. Recently, I directed and produced a short documentary (19 minutes) titled "The Cuemaker". It's about my friend and mentor, 64 year old Dana Paul. He does cue repair out of...
  20. weakfingers

    Jobo custom cue (birdseye/curly forearm, ebony points, ash, malachite inlays)

    Hello, I'm quite new and don't post often on the forums but I just wanted to share with you guys my Jobo cue from Pampanga, Philippines made by Bong Nicdao. It's an 18oz, 30" butt 30" shaft. Radial pin (not Uniloc). In the time I've played pool I haven't seen a cue as unique as this and the...