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  1. M.G.

    Can't watch pool anymore, Snooker is so much nicer

    Really, I can't watch pool anymore. If you compare World Cup of Pool against recent Snooker matches it's like watching infants in their toy cars competing against some serious Le Mans racing. And yes, I'm also talking about the commentators. Pool
  2. M.G.

    Looking for good Snooker (cue) tips

    Hi all, wasn't very satisfied with my O'min Medium 9mm. I'm definately looking for something softer and "grippier". It also glazed rather quickly. I put on a Talisman just now, but I'm in the mood of trying out things. 9mm shall be available out of the box. Do you have some good tips (haha)...
  3. M.G.

    Having fun again - Cuetec Fusion shaft

    Hi all, I was feeling adventurous and one night I ordered a Cuetec Fusion shaft at at bargain. For all who don't know - it's a Snooker shaft to fit right onto your normal Cuetec butt instead of the R360, for example. EDIT: And on the whole Internet there was absolutely nothing to find about...
  4. M.G.

    Why are there no carbon ferrules?

    Hi, did anyone try this yet? I could not find any information on why there are no carbon ferrules on standard cues. I might've seen some breakers have them, but I'm not sure if it was linen melamine instead. Pro: Very light, very stable, very workable Black (!) so there's nice contrast...
  5. M.G.

    Anyone playing 5 ball?

    Hi, anybody playing 5 ball? Rules are here and there's a ball set from Aramith: The nice thing is that a handicap can easily be set (poor player needs 51 points, good player 101 or good player cannot hit the 6, etc). I've been training for 3...
  6. M.G.

    Universal cues, joint called 10T

    Hi, can anybody enlighten me on the Universal cues joint called "10T"? Is it a 3/8 10, 5/something 10 or even more exotic? The pin looks much thicker than the Cuetec's 3/8 14 I also have. I couldn't really find any reliable information anywhere. I'm using an Universal 114-3 cue and would like...
  7. M.G.

    Observations: Earl Strickland

    Dear all, recently I've been observing Earl Strickland's playing (2014 and 2015) in various tournaments, most recently the Chinese 8-ball masters. Still chalking up very carelessly (which irritates me greatly), and can't play a safety if his life (game) depended on it (which it really did all...