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    Brand new Cuetec Cynergy 15k

    I’ll take it
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    Revo 12.4

    Thanks for looking
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    Revo 12.4

    Sold I’m selling a 30” revo 12.4mm 3/8 10 black vault plate .842 at the joint soft tip . It’s in perfect shape not a thing wrong with it . 400$ Plus shipping USPS . Thanks SOLD
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    Can't play because of back pain (hernia) - any tips?

    I lived and dealt with this for years I tried almost every possible option. For years acupuncture was the only thing that helped noticeably. After some time all the natural healers and medical doctors said surgery was the only way to fix it ( L4-L5-S1 pinched nerves) . I had the surgery...
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    Dilemma.. What to do ?

    I live in northern Humboldt County California the city I have to drive to is Sacramento or Medford Or. I have no room for a home table and cannot pick up and move . Thanks for your replies. Anybody somewhat close ?
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    Dilemma.. What to do ?

    I have a dilemma I need your advice . I live in a place where very little pool is played and very few average players and no one pocket players . No public 9 footers and the tables that are available aren’t in good condition. My true love is one pocket and I have to drive 5 hours one way to the...
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    Wanted: James White Mottey Scruggs Josswest Meucci Originals

    I private messaged you.
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    New JB Case

    Is this case sold ? Thanks
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    Looking for Prathers, 301d and 301e

    Don’t know if your interested I private messaged you .
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    WTB 3/8 10 cf shaft .

    Looking to buy 3/8 10 carbon fiber shaft . Preferably revo,rogue,cuetec . Thanks
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    Need professional instructor

    Tor Lowery lives in Utah. ZeroX I think is name of his place . Find out if he’s available.
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    California pool rooms?

    Oscar is open in north Sac . 12-12 everyday
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    (2) Pechauer Rogue Shafts

    I’ll take the 3/10 . 7074994368 text if you want .
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    Sold One Pocket Shirts

    I’ll send you PayPal when your ready .
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    Info for a Scruggs cue

    This cue is my fathers cue . Looking for any information like what time frame It maybe from value or has anyone seen a Scruggs with recut points before . Or if there are any potential buyers ? Thanks in advance .
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    Sold WTT/WTS: 12.8mm Pechauer Rogue 3/8-11

    Trade for Prather full splice bocote forearm birds eye butt With two shafts one is an ob?
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    New AzB Platform.....

    I much prefer the old site . Everything about it seems more functional and pleasing to use . I would vote to switch it back . No disrespect to az I appreciate all they do .
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    Prather sneaky pete

    Birds eye maple into a bocote forearm both highly figured woods 3/8 11 brass pin . One ob pro shaft 11.75 mm white ferrel and one Prather shaft . Natural brown phenolic collars . Weighs 18.5 . For pictures pm me or leave a new post . Asking 350 open to trade for carbon fiber shafts 3/8 10 3/8...