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    Predator Arcos II Balls

    So think my wife is buying a new set of Predator Acros II balls for my birthday. I purchased the cue ball about 2 weeks ago and it plays wonderful. Best cue ball I have ever played with.
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    This is the way we do it in my home

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    James Aranas vs Omar Alshaheen

    Interesting match. I kind of feel that Omar makes more money somewhere else other than pool. He is not even in the same class as James. Might not even be playing the same game. James must just be licking his chops on a match like this. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Hardtimes Bellflower

    Well, I just heard that Hardtimes Bellflower had the padlock put on the doors. Word is that they were served and had 5 days to respond. They did not. So the locks have been changed and now all assets are under control of the landlord. Anyone that had hopes of buying table 1 or 6 are starting to...
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    Cue Display Case

    SOLD! Selling a beautifully made pool cue display case made by a member on the site. Made from all wood and great craftsmanship. No damage. I used it for a while but, ran out of room and had the same member make me a larger one. That’s the only reason I am selling it. I won’t ship the glass...
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    Another Pool Hall Closing (Stixx Rancho Cucamonga)

    Well I just found out two days ago that my local pool hall is closing it’s doors and selling all assets. This is a moral blow to me. When I decided to start playing pool again after being away from the game for 20 years, Stixx was chosen room. I have since been playing the weekly tournaments...
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    What type of stapler

    What type of stapler and staples are used here? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Rack outline on table bed

    Looking for a general opinion on wether I should do the rack outline on “new” cloth I will be putting on this weekend. To do or not to do? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Gold Crown 5 Pocket liners

    Hello Everyone, I am getting close to recovering my table. Whalen I do a couple things I want to do is to is 1-Put more attention. Towards flushing the corner castings. I think I have a handle on this one but will accept any advice anyone can give. 2-Try and tuck in the pocket liner ears...
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    Kim Davenport vs Jimmy Mataya

    Just watched this video. Great match! Interesting to see the shooting style difference from back then and today’s players. Didn’t. Realize that Jimmy shot so well. I was actually impressed with his play and stroke. Both players missed some balls but never the less great playing and fun match...
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    Glue Down Method

    So I am recovering my table. I have done it several times on this table and prior tables. The glue down method is speaking however I tried it once with the 3M product (forgot the name at the moment but was the contact cement in a can). Was the roll on type not the spray on. Anyways I...
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    Scoring Balls

    Hello everyone, I am sure many have been looking for ways to put together the scoring balls (not beads) for home tables or even a hall. After trying to find kits for sale with no luck I decided to put one together based on parts found on eBay. The whiffle balls are available in various colors...
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    Jerry Franklin Southwest Player

    Hello all, Recently received my cue back from refinish and having 3 new shafts made for it. Very pleased with the results. Very nice sold hit and balance. Couldn’t ask for much more. Enjoy the pics! Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Keeping the Cue Ball Clean

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding how to keep my home table cue ball from gathering so many cue strike points one the cue ball. I clean the cue ball thoroughly with Aramith Ball Cleaner and have even gone so far as to wash the ball with mild soap and water to remove the small amount...