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    Danny Green, RIP

    I first learned of Danny back when I started going to USA Billiards in Laurel, MD. I still miss that room! He was amazing to watch. Highly entertaining, energetic and creative, and always had a funny story. A fierce and fearless gambler, he was feared himself by many. I remember watching him...
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    2018 US International Open - Observations

    I think the commentators should have information on every player with basic information like age, place of birth or residence, recent accomplishments, type of cue, favorite game, etc. Danny Diliberto just asked how old James Aranas was, and Mark Wilson did not know. These players are on the...
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    Enough with the disrespect for Shane!

    To all of you ready to jump in SVB's shit...try winning 5 U.S. Open titles and earning six-figure incomes from pro pool every year for the past 10 years before you run your mouth. The man is human. He feels pressure. His right arm gets wobbly just like yours in $20 events! You think those...
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    My U.S. Open experience this year.

    It is very special to be able to see these world-class players battle up close. This field is literally star-studded. Sometimes I feel like my head is on a swivel. Everywhere I turn there is a superstar making an incredible shot or a great run-out. For example, last night Alex Pagulayan was...
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    Maryland State 8-Ball Bar Table Championships (Nov 4-5)

    ***************************************************** FULL FIELD as of 09/30/2017! You may still sign up to be added to the waiting list. ***************************************************** Come join us for the Maryland State Bar Table 8-ball Championships. This will be held at The Bank...
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    Rack manipulation - a question.

    I recently watched two pros gambling at 10-ball. Their names are not relevant. One of them began complaining because the other was feathering the one ball with his hand after he removed the rack from the table. My question is this: What's the harm? It seems to me that the player is ensuring...
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    Maryland State Bar Table 10-ball Championships (Aug 12-13)

    Maryland State Bar Table 10-ball Championships (Aug 12-13) $1,000 Added Event! Come join us for the Maryland State Bar Table 10-ball Championships. This event will be a $60 entry fee to compete. Doors open for registration and practice at 9:00 am. Calcutta to begin at 10:00 am with...
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    Maryland State Bar Table 10-ball Championships (Aug 12-13)

    $1,000 Added Event! Come join us for the Maryland State Bar Table 10-ball Championships. This event will be a $60 entry fee to compete. Doors open for registration and practice at 9:00 am. Calcutta to begin at 10:00 am with tournament play immediately following. The tournament will be...
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    Test Poll

    This is a test.
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    Mini-survey for pool players

    Please reply by copying and pasting the questions with your answers. I have included my answers to start. Favorite game to play - 1P Favorite game to watch - 1P Your worst / weakest game - 8B Your best game - 9B on a bar table Make/price of your playing cue - Pechauer ($250.00) Do you own a...
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    Another room closes in Maryland: Magic 8

    Magic 8 Cue Club (formerly Johnny C's) in Cockeysville, MD is closing its doors. Former owner Trevor Dentz has decided to pursue other business endeavors. Trevor is one of the good guys, sorry to see him go. Rooms are dwindling...where do we go from here?
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    No restrictions for the ladies amateur at SBE?

    I was checking the results and saw that Briana Miller won the Women's Division for the 3rd. consecutive year. The men are only allowed to win the amateur open once and they are restricted from future events permanently. This seems unfair. Perhaps someone can explain it to me? There are all...
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    Go easy on yourselves.

    I will share something I learned about the game of pocket billiards, which most players already know. It is *not* like riding a bicycle. I have never played golf so I have no basis for comparison, but I will say that in order to be successful at this game you have to practice constantly...
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    Adolini Family Billiards and the PA State Bar Box Event

    Adolini's Family Billiards 236-254 W 9th St, Waynesboro, PA 17268 I attended this place for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. They hosted the PA State Bar Box Championship and got over 100 players! I did not fare well (0-2) but I played well (for me). I just ran into a couple...
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    My Trip to the Pool Hall Today

    Hey, do you take selfies when you're in the gym too?...:D
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    What happened to Chris Comstock?

    He was a very strong player out of the MD/VA area. Back in the 90s and early 2000s he could be found gambling for big $$$, sometimes with Danny Green at various rooms. What happened to him?
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    What is the goofiest game you have ever played?

    For me it was "Dot Pool". We would play 9-ball, and the winner got to use the tip of his cue stick and make a big blue dot on the loser's face. Doesn't sound so bad, but when the room is crowded and you have to stand there while the other person takes their time to slowly make a dot on your...
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    Efren answers 10 questions (CSI Pool)

    I found these by accident. Ten questions are posed to various champions and living legends. I found Efren's responses to be very interesting. The questions are: What player do you admire? What is your favorite game? What is your least favorite game? What quality or trait do you like in a...
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    Scooping the cue ball ...I should have said something.

    Last weekend I was practicing next to three kids (early 20s) who were trying to play cutthroat. At one point one of them complained that she did not know how to jump the ball and wished her boyfriend would show her. You guessed it, she broke out the ice cream scoop and tried to lift the cue...
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    One of the fastest matches ever...Earl vs Drago