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    Looking for a 3x6 It's george case

    I am looking for a 3x6 its george case to be shipped to singapore. If you have one to sell, please pm me with pictures and offers. Can paypal funds quick. If you have a 2x4 for sale in good condition you may also pm me take!
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    Rule query

    I had this interesting scenario just a few days ago when we were playing a money game. I was down 2-0 in a race to 3 and my friend was left with a tough situation where he was snookered and had no shot. He proceeded to intentionally foul by using the cue to push another object ball without...
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    Selling a 1981 Dennis Dieckman cue

    I am looking to sell a made in 1981 Dennis Dieckman cue. Hits real nice and its wrapless. Rolls straight. Comes with 1 shaft. Priced to go at $500. Ships from Singapore, pay by paypal (you pay 3%).
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    Corey Barnhart Beauty wildwood burl for sale!!

    Hi everyone, I am selling a Corey Barnhart cue, forearm is east indian rosewood and handle is exotic wildwood burl. Looks excellent and plays superb. Finishing on this cue is water-like splendid. Comes with 2 stock shafts and 2 OB plus classic shafts. Radial Pin, hits solid. Really a...
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    WTB: Cyclop TV balls + Delta 13 Elite rack

    I am interested in getting a set of Cyclop TV balls together with a set of delta 13 elite rack. If you wish to let it go to someone in Singapore, please pm me and we can take it off from there. Can deal via paypal, tks alot for looking! :thumbup:
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    WTB: Que Perfect cue

    Anybody looking to let go of their Que Perfect Cue? I am looking for one. Thanks! Budget is around 1.6k ++
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    Joseph Franke Full Splice with John Davis Blank

    Selling a Joseph Franke Full Splice with 4 a long sharp ebony pointer into a straight grain maple forearm John Davis blank. 5x16/14, Irish Linen. Comes with one ivory ferrule shaft, superb hitter. Delrin Buttcap. Cut weight is around 19oz. Item is in pristine condition and is a beauty Hits...
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    WTS: Jensen Plain Jane

    Item sold to a nice gentleman! Tks for all your interest!
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    WTB: Predator BK3

    Looking for a predator BK3 wrapless if you are looking to sell yours, willing to ship to Singapore and do Paypal, drop me a pm or post a msg here!
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    WTB: Jensen cue

    Anyone's got a Jensen cue for sale? Please post your goodies here! :):)
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    PoolRoger - Do Not Deal with them

    On the 12th of April, i came across this website, and placed an order for a JB flowers 2x4 case. The invoice was sent, my card was billed, Order #2, all seemed fine. At this point, i have to point out that the website stated that the case was In Stock. Today is the...
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    WTB: Plain Jane Mike Capone

    Good day! I am looking for any great hitting plain jane mike capone in good condition. If you do have any for sale, please do post here and we can discuss terms further.
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    Rant about Billiardwarehouse

    This is really very irritating and frustrating! this is the last time i'm getting something from billiardwarehouse again! I ordered a lambros ultra shaft in July and up till today, i have not received the shaft. I often have to send up two emails to get in contact with them and they only can...
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    Radial pin diameter different

    Does anyone know if there are different sizes for radial pin joints? because i have one cue that has a brass insert and another which has a titanium insert. Strangely, the shaft going into the cue with titanium insert can't fit into the one for the brass insert, gets stuck halfway while...