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    WTB Schon R-1 birdseye maple, silver rings

    Looking for a 1980's Schon R-1 cue, birdseye maple. Must have silver rings at joint, not interested in stitch rings. Must have original shaft with no logo (early schon shafts did not have any writing on them) 12.5mm or larger and straight. Please pm me what you have, Thanks! Ian
  2. spliced

    WTB Jules Patterson EDC hoppe cue

    Looking for a hoppe cue by Jules Patterson Ebony points w/veneers Steel joint 5/16x14, plain black collars Ebony butt sleeve w/ Hoppe ring Please PM or email me at Thanks!
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    WTB mezz break shaft

    Found one thanks
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    Sold Jacoby Black shaft carbon 3/8x10

    Up for sale is a Jacoby Black carbon fiber shaft. Shaft is 29", 12.3mm with a Kamui Soft Tan Clear tip. 19 inch Pro Taper. Excellent condition. $365 shipped in USA. Thanks!
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    Wanted- Scruggs merry widow- coco, rw, or ebony

    Looking for a Tim Scruggs merry widow/plain Jane cue in rosewood, cocobolo, or ebony. Must be 5/16x14 steel joint and have either a white buttcap or hoppe ring butt. Prefer solid black joint collars and newer logo cues but will consider all. PM or email me at idmpa85 @ yahoo, thanks! Ian
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    PA/MD pool players: RIP Fred McCann

    Hello all, Its my regret to inform you that on June 8, 2020, the pool world lost a great man and an asset to the game, Fred McCann. Fred was a top caliber straight pool and one pocket player and instructor. He was a good friend of legendary player Jimmy Fusco, who also passed away recently...
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    For Trade: uniloc Cuetec Cynergy shaft for Revo 12.4

    As title states, looking to trade a like new test hit only uniloc Cuetec Cynergy 15k shaft for a uniloc Predator Revo 12.4 shaft. Must be 4oz or more. Pm me and I will text or email pics, thanks!
  8. spliced

    Lathe recommendations wanted

    I have a local pool room owner in the market for a new lathe for minor repairs and tip work for house cues as well as customer shafts. Can anyone recommend a good quality lathe for this purpose? Something that would be set up and ready to go without needing any modifications? Thanks in advance!
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    WTB cue lathe

    Pool room owner located in Harrisburg, PA looking to purchase a lathe in good condition for minor repairs and tip work. Must be set up for both house cues and customer shafts. Will pick up within 100 miles of Harrisburg, PA. Thanks
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    It’s George case 2x4 gray lizard
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    Predator 3143 shaft 5/16x14
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    Mezz Airdrive 1 jump cue

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    TRADE: Cuetec Cynergy 15k shaft for Revo 12.4 - uniloc

    I have a like new, test hit only Cuetec Cynergy 15k shaft with uniloc joint. Shaft is 3.7oz., 29" with original Sniper tip at 12.5mm. Perfect condition. Comes with box and wipes. Looking to trade for a Revo 12.4mm shaft in excellent condition. Must be over 4oz with red pad intact. Please...
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    WTB shaft 5/16x14 black collar w/silver ring

    EDIT: Found one, Thanks!
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    Predator 314-3 shaft, 5/16x14 black collar- NEW

    For sale or trade: brand new Predator 314-3 shaft, 5/16x14 joint, solid black collar. Shaft is 29" and weighs 4.1 oz. Shaft has sat in my case but never hit a ball. Will trade trade for a predator 3143 shaft uniloc- black collar w/silver ring. Will sell for $265 shipped in USA
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    Mezz Airdrive 1 jump cue

    Mezz Airdrive 1 jump cue. Hard to find- no longer made. One small ding on handle near logo. Jumps excellent. Comes with two shafts: Shaft #1: 29" "Standard Stroke" Jump shot Airdrive L maple shaft. 13.5mm Trans tip (cotton fabric base phenolic laminate tip), LBM ferrule Shaft #2: "Dart...
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    It's George 2x4 case - black lizard pending....
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    It's George 2x4 case - gray croc

    2x4 It’s George Pool Cue Case in gray lizard print leather. Case holds two butts and four shafts. Case is in good used condition. Typical wear for its age with minor marks on case body and scratches on the black plastic top and bottom. Wear on corners of the pocket and sides of shoulder strap...
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    🐗 Black Boar RS-1, signed 🐗

    SOLD. Thank you
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    Joss Color of Money Cue- $25K on eBay - signed by Tom Cruise

    It appears this is one of the few identical cues to the one used in the movie that Dan Janes gave to some of the cast this is likely the one given to Tom! I've heard that Mr. Janes will not make an exact replica of the movie cue (most have inlays in the points), so this is pretty...