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    Tyler/Billy Thorpe drama

    In a long race on a standard table, Tyler has the edge. Especially if he can go as slow as he wants. If these guys really want to play, it will be easy to negotiate a game...if they don't play it's because one...or both...really doesn't want to play.
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    Hoppe Titilist Conversion

    No. Cause you can always go back and fancy if up.
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    Old School 3..............Wrapless...........F/S

    Butt sleeve looks like the old block letter Joss Diamond series. Very nice work sir.
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    Is this an old Mali window cue?

    Yes, Cortland Has aluminum rings. So many copied each other...hard to say, but it's late 60s / early 70s for sure.
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    Hoppe Titilist Conversion

    This one isn't a titlist. I heard it was a Katz. Veneers are thinner. Built it myself with a longer butt sleeve.
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    Probably can drive there in 4 or 5 days. I'd never put up Any deposit I wasn't willing to lose. Hate to say it, but he's hosed. Maybe you can sue in civil court.
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    If you were not allowed to Gamble on Pool would you quit the game?

    Pool without gambling is like checkers....
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    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    You changed your mind. Not his problem. Either offer him a buyout of sell them once received.
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    I received a refund when they calcelked last year. The "IT'S TOO MUCH WORK TO DO IT NOW" is nonsense. They have to be short in cash...nothing else explains this. Going to piss off a lot of people. Contact your credit card companies and request a charge back...nobody should have their money held...
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    SBE announced it is cancelled until April, 2022. Going to miss the action.
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    People like you are exhausting.... Keep hugging.
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    The cueball goes forward because of a loss of friction with the table and forward momentum of the cueball. Same as on the shot I described hit center ball, hard, from distance on a basically straight in shoot. It isn't from topspin or forward roll from the table priction. There's more to cue...
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    Yeah I broke and ran 7 pack of 9, 12 of 8 on a bar box and 168 in straight pool by not understanding....
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    Right... Where do you apply to be in the AZB nut huggers club?
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    So how does forward stun work...since you are in the camp that the cueball only goes forward through a ball because of topspin? I must be a magician cause I can stun a ball forward a foot with center ball on a long straight to near straight shot.
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    I'd like to play most of you guys....the knowledge is just underwhelming.
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    No true... Objects in motion, stay in motion unless acted on by an equal force. A stationary ball isn't going to stop a cueball. Cueball pushes through, a short controllable distance.
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    Really stun follow is only needed on a long shot where you only want to go forward under 6 or 8 inches. On long shots center or follow strokes pickup forward roll from friction with the cloth. It it hard to shot straight in from far away and move forward a little because of it. With a hard stun...
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    I watched part of an APA league stream

    So would you still say it isn't the arrow? Or a banger is a banger no matter the arrow?
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    My 1st table. GCII model "E1"

    My thought also. The rails look nice. Much as I love Diamonds, there's something to be said for how true gold crown rails play.