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    Revo 12.4

    Sold I’m selling a 30” revo 12.4mm 3/8 10 black vault plate .842 at the joint soft tip . It’s in perfect shape not a thing wrong with it . 400$ Plus shipping USPS . Thanks SOLD
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    Dilemma.. What to do ?

    I have a dilemma I need your advice . I live in a place where very little pool is played and very few average players and no one pocket players . No public 9 footers and the tables that are available aren’t in good condition. My true love is one pocket and I have to drive 5 hours one way to the...
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    WTB 3/8 10 cf shaft .

    Looking to buy 3/8 10 carbon fiber shaft . Preferably revo,rogue,cuetec . Thanks
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    Info for a Scruggs cue

    This cue is my fathers cue . Looking for any information like what time frame It maybe from value or has anyone seen a Scruggs with recut points before . Or if there are any potential buyers ? Thanks in advance .
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    Prather sneaky pete

    Birds eye maple into a bocote forearm both highly figured woods 3/8 11 brass pin . One ob pro shaft 11.75 mm white ferrel and one Prather shaft . Natural brown phenolic collars . Weighs 18.5 . For pictures pm me or leave a new post . Asking 350 open to trade for carbon fiber shafts 3/8 10 3/8...
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    Jeff Prather double splice

    New Prather cue . Purple heart double splice into ebony with three blue veneers royal peacock and indigo . This cue really pops with nice contrasts matching ring work and a kielwood laminated shaft . Jeff and his team are so great to work with all of my Prather cues are all beautiful .
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    Looking for Kenny Murrell cue

    I’ve been searching for a Kenny murrell cue for a long time if anyone is interested in selling let me know .
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    Prather cue review

    This is a new Jeff Prather cue . It’s bloodwood into Peruvian rosewood with 4 veneers matching kielwood shaft with points to match also . These are work in progress photos that were sent during the build . Holly wood extension . 3/8 10 g10 pin 18.5 oz 11.75 mm . This cue plays wonderfully it’s...
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    Prather test