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  1. CESSNA10

    SIMONIS 860 cloth cleaner

    Can anyone suggest the best cloth cleaner for removing chalk dust. I really dont like to vacuum as I think it stretches the cloth. Has anyone used the Mcdermott cleaner
  2. CESSNA10

    Gold Simonis recover.

    Recovered table today in gold simonis 860. Had expresso, just tired of the dark chalk on everything. I think the silvercup tan chalk will be less trouble. As far as I know thats the best match. Any suggestions?
  3. CESSNA10


    If anyone is using mako medium tips would like your feedback. Currently using lepro on the joss shafts, I find they are ok but a bit hard. A friend recommended the mako but he is 1000 miles away so I cant take his cue for a test run
  4. CESSNA10


    Time for a cloth change, anyone have simonis 860 goid? Do you like it, any comments would be appreciated
  5. CESSNA10

    Joss Cues

    Recently switched from Meucci to Joss with the regular shaft. Been playing for 55 years and with Meucci for the last 10. So far I just like the hit of the Joss better. I use 12.5 mm, not 13. Anyone share the same feelings about the Joss?
  6. CESSNA10


    Today at age 74 ran 32. I do run in the teens and low 20;s but my first time over 30. Here is the kicker, I was alone started with a break shot and ran 32 but no one saw it. So i guess it did not really happen
  7. CESSNA10


    Would like anyone's thoughts on the Meucci The Pro shaft. Most of what I have heard is positive.
  8. CESSNA10


    Just curious how many people still use the old style 13mm shafts that are stiff and not low deflection
  9. CESSNA10


    Does anyone know where to get Balabuska cue weights. Everyone says they are out of stock. For new balabuska cues Thanks, Cessna10
  10. CESSNA10

    Balabuska weight bolts

    Does anyone know whre to get Balabushka weight bolts for a new Balabushka cue. Everywhere I have tried is out of them.
  11. CESSNA10

    Balabushka cues

    Does anyone know how they play and also where they are made?
  12. CESSNA10

    Ae schmidt atlas pro 8 foot

    I have always played on brunswick tables. I am looking at a pro 8 ae schmidt to replace my 8 foot brunswick. Any of you that have an ae schmidt I would appreciate your input
  13. CESSNA10

    mastering pocket billiards

    Trying to get on cj wileys mastering pocket billiards site. Getting a message the site is not secure. Anyone know what gives?
  14. CESSNA10

    snapshot carbon fiber shaft

    Has anyone used one of these yet and if so any feedback would be appreciated
  15. CESSNA10

    Parchment Paper

    Someone had mentioned in another thread they use parchment paper on their shafts to slick them up. Anyone else had success with that?
  16. CESSNA10


    Does anyone use a spray wax like pledge on their shaft. Also curious about spray car waxes
  17. CESSNA10

    Different color on rails

    I have to recover my rails and thought about doing a different color than the bed which is simonis camel. Has anyone done two tone on their table or should I forget it. Would like to see pictures if you have them
  18. CESSNA10

    ae schmodt pro 8 atlas

    I posted this on the table review section but got no responses. Anyone have this table, and if so how does it play. I know the pockets are smaller than my current table which has buckets for pockets and even at age 73 plays too easy. Any guidance on this table would be helpful
  19. CESSNA10

    Ae schmidt atlas pro 8 foot

    Can anyone comment on this table as to playability. My current Brunswick has buckets for pockets and even at 73, I find it too easy. I know the pockets are tighter on the atlas. Any thoughts would be helpful. A pro 8 is as big as I can fit
  20. CESSNA10


    I have read on the forum a lot about meucci quality problems particularly wih inlays. Does anyone know if these problems are behind them on their current cues?