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    Anton Raga

    Anyone know if this kid is ever gonna come to the states? I've been binge watching him on Youtube and he's scary good. He runs around the table getting perfect position. Sledgehammer break with control. I put him in the Shane, Filler, JL Chang tier.
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    Rule question

    I was just told that if the CB and an OB are frozen, those balls are considered one in the same and a different OB must be hit besides the frozen one (and then of course any ball hit a rail) for it to be a legal shot. I have never heard this before but the guy insisted its the rule. I asked what...
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    10 ball defense break?

    Has anyone tried this? Thin the 1 and come behind the pack, you might freeze against a ball and get ball in hand.
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    Great cameo video of Earl, Efren, Django, Alex, more behind the scenes!

    This is great! Shows their true personalities, didn't even know a camera was on them I think. If you didn't think Earl was a great guy away from the table before, just watch this. Its obvious how much the other players love him. Gets good at about 8:45...
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    FB spoiling the score in the headline

    Thanks for ruining my Mosconi Cup idiots . No reason to put that in the header . If you want exclusive rights to stream it at least do it right :mad:
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    Where can I find vids of Mosconi Cup?

    Excuse me if there's a topic on this but I didn't want to read them and risk spoilers. I guess genipool isn't doing it this year. Thanks!
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    Simple solution for pattern racking

    Bobby Fischer, many say the greatest chess player to ever live, grew tired of chess games prearranged openings. As long as all the pieces were in the same spot to start the game, many of the correct opening moves could be made from simple memorization. He came up with the idea of what he called...
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    What about changing the Mosconi Cup format?

    10 Ball, call shot or call safe. If you call shot and miss and the opponent doesn't like the leave, he can give the shot back. I think these rules are a must in a short race to 5. What say you?
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    Filler is a tool

    This guy celebrates every rack he wins like they just won the Mosconi Cup. Tone it down dude.
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    Can someone explain the physics of force follow?

    Why does the cueball kick out to the side as opposed to staying straighter? I've always wondered this and have asked people but they either don't know or don't know what I'm talking about.
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    Who do you think is the most naturally talented pro?

    You know, a pro that can pack his sticks in his closet for months or years and still give anyone on Earth trouble. I'd give my answer but I admittedly don't know much about the pros.
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    Anyone ever notice some players "nod" their head just before impact?

    Scott Frost is probably the best player that does this. He'll nod down and to the right slightly/ I have seen some great players do it. I'm wondering if its intentional or a tic or something some people have.
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    Moneyball-itis is killing my love for the game

    All of a sudden I've developed a nasty habit of dogging the 8 and 9 in tournament and league games. They don't even have to be hard shots, I'll get good shape and still dog it. In my head, all I do now is say "Don't choke". I have no confidence when shooting them. I know there is nothing that...
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    What should the ruling be for this league situation?

    I captain a TAP team and couldn't make it tonight. The 4th match, my 3 faced a 6 and the 6 scratched on the 8 in the first game. The 2nd game, my 3 broke and the 8 was a hair from going in the side. The 6 hit a shot so hard he bounced the cue off the rail, the rail vibrated and the 8 fell in...
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    Are TAP ratings usually this ****ed up before everyone is established?

    Ok, a TAP league was started in my area and everyone switched from APA to the TAP league. I like the rules but I have no clue how some people are rated the way they are. One girl is 14-8 in individual games and 6-2 and matches and is a 2. Meanwhile, one of my girls is 6-20 and 2-5 and she's a...
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    What exactly am I doing lately with my 8-ball break?

    I have been playing for 10 years and never got any consistent action on the 8. Lately though, almost every time I've broke I'm sending the 8-ball towards the corner by the rack behind one of the middle balls in the rack. Whats weird is I haven't changed cue ball placement or english. I must be...
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    This has to be the craziest thing I've seen on a pool table What are the odds? :grin: This guy would be the King of the APA (Disclaimer: I'm in the APA and enjoy it so I'm not bashing it)
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    Short, push strokes

    I was experimenting with this style of stroke, a la Allen Hopkins, with this last nite and I was surprised how accurate I was potting balls. It makes me wonder if that kind of stroke is fundamentally "wrong" as has been said in the past. Makes sense it works, less drawback = less of a chance of...
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    Why is it so hard for league players to recognize bad hits?

    It seems every week I get in multiple arguments with the other team about a hit that was clearly bad but the other shooter/team somehow didn't see it (maybe "didn't see it" should be in quotation marks?). I just don't get whats so hard about recognizing the fact the fact the wrong ball was hit...
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    How good were Cole Dickson and Mark Tadd?

    Like, would you say they would be able to play Archer, Strickland, or Reyes in their primes even in 9-ball and be able to come out winner in a long set? I don't know why these 2 intrigue me so much, but I'd love some tape of them if anyone has any.