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    Learning to Shoot with your Opposite Hand

    I've set a goal for myself that by the end of the year I'm able to shoot using my opposite hand with an acceptable level of confidence. I mostly play 14.1 on my Diamond Pro-AM, shoot left-handed, and I want to reduce the number of awkward body angle shots that subsequently require the use of...
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    14.1 Rack Outline

    I'm getting ready to re-draw the rack outline on my Diamond Pro-Am table. I know from previous discussions there is nothing in the rules defining what a "regulation" rack for 14.1 should be (much to my dismay). But I've noticed recently in many of the professional 14.1 tournaments the rack...
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    DCC 9-Ball Final

    I was pretty amped up for the final between Filler and Corteza, knowing each had a buyback in their pocket. Then they announced that the rule was changed and the final would be one match, race to 11 to decide the winner. What a crock. We should have gotten a 2 out of 3 setup with two of the...
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    So Much for the Nonsense

    At approx 9:00PM Vegas time, the field of 256 has been reduced to 16. Let's hear from all the clowns who predicted they'd be playing until 6:00AM tomorrow in an attempt to get to 16. Maybe the DCC could learn a lesson from Match Room on how to run a highly populated tournament.
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    TAR Matches

    Does anyone know where one could go to watch the old TAR matches? I'm not talking about the podcasts on YouTube. Their web page and Facebook pages seem deceased.
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    American 14.1 Stream

    Knockout round of 24 begins today. The stream is one of the finest production streams I have seen. Multi camera shoots, crystal clear video, zoom-in capabilities, scoring updates after each rack, and player commentary (who for the most part stay focused on...
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    American 14.1 Tournament

    Anybody have any streaming info regarding the American 14.1 tournament? I believe it starts tomorrow.
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    Snooker Layout on a Diamond Pro-Am

    I was recently in Canada and was introduced to Snooker by the man I was visiting. He had an 8' snooker table in his basement, and we played the game using just 10 cherries. I own a 9' Diamond Pro-Am and bought a set of 2 1/4" snooker balls to use on this table. Does anyone have access to a...
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    Johnny Archer vs Tommy Kennedy, June 1st

    On Friday June 1st, starting at 6:00 PM, Johnny Archer and Tommy Kennedy will go at for a $5,000 purse in a 9-ball competition, race to 9, in a 3 out of 5 set format. The venue is Diamond Billiards in Cape Corel FL. These players were the finalists of the 1992 US Open, with Kennedy...
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    2018 DCC George Fels Tournament

    Now that qualifying has been completed, can anyone please 1) Post the 8 players that have qualified, 2) fill us in on what the match-ups are, 3) tell us what time they are playing (if possible), and 4) will all matches that are not played on the DCC tournament table be televised through the...
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    George Fels Memorial

    Is there going to be any continuous video feed that can be purchased from the room where this event is held? Meaning qualifying through the final match. As this event continues to grow each year, so does the outside interest in it as well.
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    ESPN3 Broadcast

    Does anyone have any insight as to why ESPN3 does not have yesterday (Day3) matches available to view?
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    US Open - 3rd Round

    I realize that this happens with a random draw format, but it just seems so wrong that Jason Shaw is playing Ko Pin-Yi in the 3rd round.
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    WPS Stream

    Can anyone tell me how to access the actual live stream of this tournament? It all seem so confusing trying to find the tv table.
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    Kremlin Cup Misc

    Check out the players chairs at the Kremlin Cup.
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    Aother 14.1 Rules Question

    You are playing in a 14.1 tournament and it is an all ball foul format. The player makes the break ball, misses the stack, and scratches. His opponent the spots the pocketed break ball, and in the process touches the second and third ball in the rack to tighten them up. Is this a foul for...
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    Expo Thoughts

    I live in Florida and I considered going to this this year's Expo for the first time. But after reading some of the posts regarding the event, and watching the stream of today's final, I'm glad I used the money to re-cover my Diamond Pro-Am instead. One of the my primary reasons to go was...
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    Original 314 Shaft

    Does anyone know the approximate market value for an original Predator 314 shaft in mint condition?