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  1. Floyd_M

    NEED QUICK ANSWER - Removing printing on balls

    As per title... removing print on balls. I have no idea what kind of printing is on Aramith balls. It's an advertisement logo. Other than sanding with very fine grits, ideas?
  2. Floyd_M

    highest friction chalk

    Highest/most friction chalk is? I tried Magic Chalk, it works well but is there something better?
  3. Floyd_M

    Which cue is it?

    I don't have pix yet but, what cue mfg. do I have where the weight bolt is all black including the (looks like) #3 Phillips head.
  4. Floyd_M

    WANTED 5/16x18 Pie Shaft (like OB) flat face

    UPDATE Dec, 2020: Since this post, I came across Jacoby's 128 layer Ultra shaft. WOAH! I'm impressed enough to hold off looking for anything else right now. It's a 11.75, still with the Tiger tip but will be changing it soon. It's a little too soft for my taste. 'IF' I find that I like the Ultra...
  5. Floyd_M

    TALCUM POWDER on rails question.

    Had a situation on a bar table where opponent placed hand talc on the 8 corner rails inches from the pockets. I tested the 90 degree affects and there is a change of cue-ball direction. . Anyone know other affects talc has in this situation? Discussing cheating is a moot point, we know it is...