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    Predator P3 with Revo 12.4

    Hey there folks, Predator P3 up for sale purchased brand new from Ozone Billiards as well as a Predator Revo 12.4 shaft with Kamui Super Soft Clear Tip. Included will also be the original bumper of the cue as currently installed is the predator bumper for the extension which will also be...
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    Looking for Predator Gladius Cue.

    Hey guys looking for Predator Gladius cue the black one and ready to purchase now. Thanks so much.
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    Looking to buy Mezz Ignite Shaft

    Hey folks, Title pretty much says it all. Looking to buy a Mezz Ignite Shaft. Thanks so much.
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    Mezz Carom Cue For Sale

    Hey guys up for sale is a gorgeous Mezz CR-133RJ carom cue. Currently sells on kozoom for 833 Euro which is 855 American. Looking to get 750.00 for this gorgeous cue as it has only been used a handful of times. Cue comes with one shaft and is in perfect like new condition. Shaft has some blueing...
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    Searching for this Michael Morgan cue!

    Title says it all.
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    Searching for Michael Morgan Cues.

    Title says it all Mike is a friend of mine who has made me cues in the past and looking to see if some of them are still out there. One in particular. Thanks so much!
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    Looking for 2 Specific Michael Morgan Cues.

    Good evening everyone I am looking for two very specific Michael Morgan Cues that I sold a while back and I am hoping to find them again. One was titled the green monster. The cue can be seen here. Here is the other. I believe this one...
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    Official Photos from the 2013 World 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet

    Hey guys just thought you would all want to see. Thanks so much and enjoy!
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    Searching for Joss Zorro Cue

    Hey guys I am searching for an older Joss Zorro sneaky cue it was ebony and maple. I believe its a Z-300 or ZR300 or something like that. If anyone has one or any info where I can get one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Still looking for Donations for the Kamui 14.1 Challenge

    Hey guys we are less than a month away and still taking donations for the Kamui 14.1 Challenge. We have some great things planned for this year and have spoken with JR Calvert to at the very least have the finals streamed once again. We really need your help guys to make this event awesome and...
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    New Format for the Kamui 14.1 Challenge

    Hey guys Steve, Gene Mann, Holden Chin, and I have been tossing around format ideas for the last few weeks and Holden came up with this for us and I believe that this is going to be our final format for the event this year. Instead of letting a player take 5 attempts at the table and letting...
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    Donation Thread for the 2013 Kamui 14.1 Challenge

    Hey guys as you know the expo is almost right around the corner and I would like to start up a thread as always to see if you would like to help us to put on this incredible event. We also have some new sponsors as in our new title sponsor KAMUI who is also my personal sponsor so I am doubly...
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    Prepping for the 2013 Super Billiards Expo 14.1 Challenge !!

    Well everyone Steve and I are planning the Super Billiards Expo 14.1 Challenge once again and have decided after last year's events to open the floor to anyone who might have some good ideas in terms of format. What we have so far is that we are going to break it down into 3 tiers. The first...
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    Predator World 14.1

    Hey guys feel free to text me during the event for match score updates etc. I am going to try to be online as much as possible. I am the photographer for the event and will be there selling prints and setting up photo ops with the pros for the fans etc to purchase when I am not playing my...
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    Proud to say.....

    Am very proud to say I am this season's Raxx Billiards 14.1 Champion. I bested a field of about 25 players over 15 weeks and came out on top for a big win in the final match coming down to the wire. I need to thank my brother Steve Kurtz for being in attendance for the win which made it that...
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    John Schmidt Bobby Chamberlain ENOUGH

    Ok guys here is the thing, yes I know that I am not one to talk about stupid internet squabbles as I have had my fair share including a fake one with my current valley forge partner Steve before anyone feels like bringing that post back up but in all honesty what is this doing for you fighting...
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    Now that things seemed to have died down... VERY VERY long post be warned

    Well everyone another year has passed of the Fury 14.1 Challenge and it had its successes and failures all of which will be addressed in this post. This is not a thread about results or numbers but a thread about what happened and the new ideas we are putting into place next year. First and...
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    Can anyone share some info related to Billiards Tournaments

    Hey guys I am finding lately that I am once again in love with the game of billiards and would love to compete in a friendly tournament once in a while and would like to know where there are some tournaments in the long island NY area. My first guess would be carom cafe in flushing but have...
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    Looking for Schuler Carom Cue

    title says it all looking for a carom cue around the 5-600 dollar range. Thanks so much. Charlie
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    Fury 14.1 Tournament Phase Updates

    John schmidt currently up on Dave Daya 64-6 right now in first round action. Not sure of the ralph eckert bobby chamberlain match but will get updates as i can. Charlie williams and mike davis play in the next flight as do Mika and Danny Barouty.