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  1. eddiethelock

    LeeVan and Jayson on the 10' Bigfoot challenge from Derby. Finals 8:00pm sunday

    Patrick Fleming · Sunday, 8pm DST, March 14, 2021: Tonight, watch the Finals of the 2020 Derby City Classic Big Foot Challenge, a 10-Ball event contested on a 10-Foot table. Filipino Lee Vann Corteza, one his country’s finest, is up against Jayson Shaw, a two-time Big Foot Challenge champion...
  2. eddiethelock

    Sincere Condolences To Pat Fleming And Family.

    Sad news for Patrick Fleming and his wife Diane yesterday losing their son Patrick after a battle with depression. Patrick was a musician in Austin, Texas and a behind the scenes guy for Accu-Stats Productions. Please respect the privacy of Patrick, Diane, Dara and Adriana in this time of...
  3. eddiethelock

    Condolences to Ed Liddawi, Sandcastle Billiards

    on the passing of his mother today.
  4. eddiethelock

    An Exact Aim Point For English

    I'm about done with waitin.. If you are a serious pool player and someone discovers something that no one has seen, you better be damn sure you're gonna find out and pay attention. You all seen it before and acted accordingly. Someone sets up a shot and demonstrates and gets a crowd. Then find...
  5. eddiethelock

    Gold Crown 2 for rent

    Looking to relocate to NY Tristate Area or in area now? Subletting studio in north jersey. about 20 miles west of nyc. Gold Crown 2 table, side by side fridge/freezer, microwave. big screen tv with satellite direct tv, bathroom with shower, washer/dryer, twin bed. Heat/AC Electric and water...
  6. eddiethelock

    Gold Crown 2 for rent.

    Looking to relocate to NY Tristate Area or in area now? Subletting studio in north jersey. about 20 miles west of nyc. Gold Crown 2 table, side by side fridge/freezer, microwave. big screen tv , bathroom with shower, washer/dryer. Heat/AC Electric and water included. Plenty of parking. studio...
  7. eddiethelock

    Lambros Custom Cue

    Just Arrived. Mike Lambros Cue with new "Ultimate" Joint... Gorgeous Birdseye Maple with Curley Maple Points. 12.7 Layered Tip.. 2 Shafts with protective caps for all. $2250. Shipping included.. Real Pretty Work! Pm me for any questions. Thnx for looking.
  8. eddiethelock

    Accu-stats studio table GC2

    Own a table with some history. Accustats studio table, seriously for sale. Brunswick Gold Crown 2. This table has only been recovered 4x, twice by me. I bought it about 10 yrs ago, Seen in some great videos like Jim Rempe's "how to run a hundred balls", Mike Massey's trick shot video and Grady...
  9. eddiethelock

    Accu-Stats Gold Crown 2 Studio Table For Sale

    Brunswick Gold Crown Two only been recovered 4x in it's life.(Twice by me in last 10 yrs, Two by Pat Fleming) This is the table featured in Jim Rempe's video along with Grady, Mike Massey and a few others. Funny incident at Derby City one year, Shaun Wilkie and I were walking in the parking...
  10. eddiethelock

    Rip Champagne Eddie

    Got the call earlier today from Danny Diliberto on the passing of this legend.
  11. eddiethelock

    Lambros Cues (2)

    both listed on my facebook page
  12. eddiethelock

    Lambros #2 for sale Lambros Custom Cue.. (one of two for sale) The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten. Lambros cue up for auction with a little history.. cue is...
  13. eddiethelock

    Lambros Cue
  14. eddiethelock

    Pappa Tony Appleton in a bad way and needs your prayers.

    Was just informed and asking for some thoughts and prayers for Pappa Tony Appleton , Darren Appleton's Dad had a stroke... all the best to you old man and letting the family know he's in our thoughts.
  15. eddiethelock

    " The Amazin' Grasin'" Bruce Grasing rip always liked seein you in the room mister, lots of laughs and yours stood out. funny guy. cya on the other side bro.
  16. eddiethelock

    Holy Crap!!!! any one pocket fans out there?
  17. eddiethelock

    Holiday Inn US Open room trouble?

    anyone else having trouble getting a room with 2 beds for the week of the open? was told there are only king beds available. wtf
  18. eddiethelock

    Accu-stats runnin a half off sale
  19. eddiethelock

    Name for a pool team

    thought this was a pretty good/funny name for a pool team i thought up and maybe someone could use it if they couldn't come up with anything clever. CROSS-EYED BANKERS good luck if you use it.
  20. eddiethelock

    Pretty Good Pool Story (i think)

    Thought this was worth writing and worth reading as a pretty good pool story. In 1972 during the Vietnam era, I was in the US Navy, guarding the shores of Athens, Greece. No vietcong got by me on my watch. Found a poolroom downtown Athens and when I walked in there was only one pocket table...