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  1. driz86

    5/16x14 Maple Shaft

    Flat faced 5/16x14 maple shaft in good condition. 29". Rolls straight and is 12mm at the ferrule (12.75mm 6 inches down). .840" at collar. The clear coat is fairly new which is noticeable. Has an ultraskin tip on currently. $60 shipped. Thanks for looking
  2. driz86

    Vincitore dura nylon cases - Better than JB?

    Have been seeing some of these on eBay and will have to say, they piqued my interest. Seem to be made of a very durable nylon and stitching, similar to competitors but at $118 the price tag is about 50% less than them. How can you go wrong? I myself haven't owned one but know someone that has...
  3. driz86

    3"custom mid-extension 3/8x11 Ebony

    Mid extension that will fit a Southwest, bluegrass, etc. Ebony, weighing 1.4 oz, .850 in. and 3" in length. $40 shipped
  4. driz86

    Stout Case

    Yes, Seyberts had to stop selling them unfortunately. Looking for a stout case 2x4 or bigger. Let me know what's out there.
  5. driz86

    Runde Schon with 2 shafts

    Cue has been sold
  6. driz86

    WTT 30" Schon shaft for a 29" Schon shaft

    Title sums it up. I'm looking to trade my 30" shaft for a 29". Let me know. -DR
  7. driz86

    30" Schon Shaft - Silver ring. 13mm

    Here's a used Schon shaft in good condition. Shaft is 30" long and has a triangle tip installed. Just a couple minor dents closer to the collar but nothing near the ferrule or anywhere you'd notice during play. I had the pilot faced off so I could use this on another non-schon cue though it...
  8. driz86

    McDermott E-Series Cue - Red with Black Linen Wrap - Mint

    McDermott E-Series cue (discontinued). I acquired this from someone who apparently never used it. Cue is in pristine condition and I'd say easily 95/100 or better. It would pass for brand new if the tip wasn't shaped. 3/8x10 pin. 19.4 oz., 13mm shaft. Rolls straight. $160 shipped
  9. driz86

    McDermott GS02

    This is a 19oz GS02 from the late nineties I believe. Cue is in fair condition for its age. 12mm shaft. Minor blemish in forearm (finish is scraped), a few dings closer to the butt which I tried to get a good pic of. Black spec Irish linen wrap. Pacific blue stained Michigan maple forearm and...
  10. driz86

    62" Schmelke cue with wrap, MINT

  11. driz86

    Full-Splice Blackcreek Hoppe

    Up for auction is a '15 Blackcreek by Travis Niklich. Top quality cue here that plays great. Anyone familiar with Travis's work knows his reputation and what a fine playing/hitting cue he produces. -------------------SOLD--------------...
  12. driz86

    Blackcreek by Travis Niklich

    Hey i just wanna ask the mods to delete this. Okthanksbai
  13. driz86

    Steve Klein player

    would be interested in one of his plain jane/SP designs. I know he hasn't made many as of late. Looking in the range of 600 or less
  14. driz86

    Poison vx 2.9 jump/break

    I actually want to put a playing tip on one of these because I like the balance so much. Let me know whats out there.
  15. driz86

    Ridiculous meme I found

    So after a random search on google I came across this. Smh
  16. driz86

    Steve Klapp Dufferin Conversion

    For sale: Steve Klapp custom Dufferin conversion. 20.5oz. 29"/29" with the butt of the cue weighing 16 3/8 oz. and the shaft 4 1/8 oz. Shaft measures 13mm at the ferrule with a 5x16/14 pin (piloted). Comes with one of his old growth shafts which is worth $150 in itself. Ultraskin Hard tip. Cue...
  17. driz86

    FS: Steve Klapp Dufferin Conversion

    Steve Klapp custom Dufferin conversion for sale. 29"/29" with the butt of the cue weighing 16 3/8 oz. and the shaft 4 1/8 oz. 20.5 oz. This is one of his premium old growth shafts which is worth $150 alone. Shaft measures 13mm at the ferrule with a 5x16/14 pin (piloted). It has an Ultraskin Hard...
  18. driz86

    59" KJ custom cue

    I have a 59" KJ custom cue for sale. 19oz with Chechen and birdseye maple. 13mm shaft that measures 30", wood to wood joint with 3/8x10 pin. Has a couple defects which are visible in the pics, mainly on the butt where the finish has lifted off and one mark on the handle. Cue is well balanced and...
  19. driz86

    FS: Steve Klein SP Cocobolo

    Cue: 18 oz wood to wood joint with 3/8-11 pin cocobolo and maple with ebony on the butt forward weighted like a lot of his cues - 19 in balance point I'd say cue is 90% or better condition with the only blemish being on the joint collar area where some of the finish is coming off. Very minimal...
  20. driz86

    WTB: Player's break shaft. Help sought

    I'm trying to track one of these down that is non piloted. I have a player's butt which I want to use as a break cue. I want to get a break shaft like the one in the link, though it needs to be non-piloted (flat face). If anyone knows where I can get one or possibly has one to buy it would be...