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  1. hang-the-9

    Who wants to help with random gift?

    I met an older gentleman (he has a son almost my age and I'm 49), plays with an old plain maple Mali that he also breaks with. I played with him several times and wanted to get him something fun to play around with before he got too old to play much, from how his hands look with Arthritis it...
  2. hang-the-9

    Merry Widow cue design wood selection

    Is there a wood combination you all are particular to? Or does it just depend on the day/design? Going to have a cuemaker make me a merry widow cue with most likely a segmented handle. After looking at a bunch of designs, I still have no idea what to pick for a final decision. I am torn...
  3. hang-the-9

    How to mess up a break/jump cue

    Over the weekend I was at a tournament with a tip/shaft guy there with a lathe. I was wanting to change my plastic break tip for a while to get more grip and control into the cueball off the break so asked to have a hard leather tip put on it, figuring how much of a change can it be...
  4. hang-the-9

    New Joe Callaluca

    Cue was built for a friend of mine, lights on the table make the pictures look a bit off, had to use a flash since the originals looked too yellow.
  5. hang-the-9

    Looking for Pittsburg area pool hall suggestions

    From the webs, seems Breakers and Pinkey's are the ones to play at, anyone know of any others worth a visit? Or any specifics about those two like tournaments, is the crowd nice, owners I should smooze for the best table :LOL:? From what my work has coming up it seems I will be spending a...
  6. hang-the-9

    Joe Callaluca cue we got in a trade SW style

    Funny thing is that I did not even think about the design, till someone in NY came over to ask me about it. He thought a guy just randomly brought in a high end SouthWest to a bar LOL. We both did not totally like the veneer colors but the guy that had the cue build asked for that green/purple...
  7. hang-the-9

    Outsville (Chris Renfro) service

    Maybe a week ago I mentioned to Chris on Facebook about how the 10 ball rack was breaking, it was not even my rack, just what I saw on a stream with my son and what he told me was happening when the opponent racked. I just got a new rack from them in the mail, did not ask for one, did not...
  8. hang-the-9

    Ran across a somewhat pool-based story with a movie writer of The Outsiders.

    Movie was directed by some noob called Coppola, have not seen so no idea how much pool based story is in there vs the book having it on the cover. Don't think I ran across this one in prior posts on pool movies so I'm guessing there is not much in the movie or we just did not know about it...
  9. hang-the-9

    NY Steinway tonight, anyone around to play

    I'm less than 2 miles from Steinway, was planning on going tonight but wife and people form work with me are not interested. Anyone want to meet up to play a bit? Not really interesting in gambling, no cues with me, but would rather hang out with someone than play alone. 508-505-7415 if you...
  10. hang-the-9

    In NY on business, are all the pool halls locked out?

    For those in the NY area, I'll be heading to Newburgh for a few weeks on and off starting from the 20th through end of Jan, from what I am reading everything is closed in the area is that correct? Newburgh is 60 miles just about directly North over Manhattan. If anyone lives near there with a...
  11. hang-the-9

    Buddy Guy, Pool Player

    Pool got the blues
  12. hang-the-9

    Is sandbagging the worst in pool vs other sports?

    So really I have never thought of sandbaggers outside of pool, league, handicapped tournaments, etc... But I recently started to get into tennis after a couple of (25 :) ) years off and wanted to see what my current skill would be in relation to the 1-7 ratings they follow. For those that don't...
  13. hang-the-9

    One Pocket rule, making opponents ball

    Edit... I realized why this was, Shane scratched on the break so owed a ball. I could have sworn if you make a ball in the opponents pocket they just get to keep it unless you also scratch after it. In this match it got spotted. Is this rule modified for the event or was I just mistaken about...
  14. hang-the-9

    Nice pool table lights

    Meant to post this earlier, I was in a tournament at a place I have not been to in a long time, RI Billiard Club and noticed they have some great looking custom stained glass lights in the place. Probably the nicest ones I've ever seen in a pool hall.
  15. hang-the-9

    Turning point of getting to next level of play

    Do any of you remember the point you went from a mid-pack player to finishing in the money? Or any significant jump? And what did it take to get there? Did you finally hang up one game winner more than you can take? Had some guy taunt you that you sucked and could not beat him in 100 years...
  16. hang-the-9

    AZ posters near each-other

    Maybe it's just me but there a decent number of pretty regular posters that live about an hr drive from me, that I see every once in a while, anyone else see people from the forums regularly? cleitonrocha kmrunout mike webb pete kickin chicken I've only met once but he is pretty close to me...
  17. hang-the-9

    2020 even messed with the break

    How is this for an "illegal break" :eek::confused:
  18. hang-the-9

    Tournament payouts stack top or share the wealth?

    Recently played in a strong 40ish person field, payouts were for top 6 and calcutta went for top 4. To me that seems very top heavy. Not handicapped so basically it was a draw to get the good players to come and take it all (all the favorites in the beginning where in the final 6). What are...
  19. hang-the-9

    Mezz CP- 13SW/T with Mezz Ignite CF shaft

    Mezz CP- 13SW/T with Mezz Ignite CF shaft, possible trades Traded locally thanks.
  20. hang-the-9

    AZB members in pool videos

    So outside of SJM who seems to somehow show up in more pool matches than the actual players :D which videos out there show you sitting at a match? Accu-Stats videos, online streams, etc... I have a bunch of Accu-Stats matches to find you in :) The one time I may have been on video in the...