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    Tasc JPs

    Looking for a 3 piece set of Tasc JPs. 5/16X14 piloted, with dark brown linen at joint and white top with Tasc logo Please PM me pix and price. Thank you
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    Dinko handcrafted leather case

    Hello everyone. I just got this case from Dinko He is a new case maker and has a lot of talent The case is absolutely gorgeous. The leather is strong and supple. The fittings, buckles and snaps appear to be solid...
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    3 X 6 Longoni case and carry case

    Gone Thanks
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    OB break shaft. Going.....
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    Couple hours left predator case

    Gone. Thanks
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    Abe rich one hour and some minutes to go Going. Going......go...
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    OB 1. 5/16x18
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    Predator 3x5 urban case

    On the bay
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    Predator 314 3/8 X 10

    Deleted Keeping it for now Thanks
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    OB break pix

    In for sale section
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    OB break shaft

    Hi everyone. Hope all are staying healthy. Very good, like new break shaft. 5/16 X 18 flat faced joint with solid black collar. Rolls straight. Full 13mm tip. 29.25 inches from joint to tip. Weight is 4 1/8 ounces. See photo showing marks on black collar. Otherwise no other marks. on ebay...
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    Times almost up. 8 hours left
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    Only 4 hours left

    Sold. Thanks all
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    Prather tube case with JB interior

    Not only great protection but doubles as a club Stay healthy
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    4 hours to go
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    Vintage cue and case I tried to describe as best as possible. Any info much appreciated. I think Brunswick but not sure It hits solid but there is a small gap on one of the points as shown. Maybe wood filler...
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    Viking. 3 hours left
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    Only a few hours left

    Vintage Abe Rich 'Florida' cue link isn't working if interested just type in Florida cue in ebay search bar. Thanks Stay healthy
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    Vintage Viking, 1 day left Nice Viking going for a good price If an AZer wins it I'll throw in a case to protect it in shipping. Regards all Dave
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    Less than i hour left Great deal on a Bob Owen with box case Stay healthy