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  1. Renegade_56

    Tournament Blue 860HR

    I am in need of enough for a set of 9 foot rails. I just recovered a Diamond I picked up, only to find the cushions need replacing. I bought new cushions but now I need more Simonis just for the rails. Thanks
  2. Renegade_56

    Rebound Pro Rubber Cushions

    Anybody ever heard of this brand of cushions before? Thoughts?
  3. Renegade_56

    10 Foot Antique Table For Sale

    Letting my 10 footer go. I ran across a Diamond Professional I couldn't pass up so the Bigfoot has to go. It's a 1966 or 67 Victor, Cleveland model, built in Philadelphia. It was originally built as a Snooker table and that's what it was when I got it several years ago from a local pool room...
  4. Renegade_56

    K66 Cushions for a 10 footer?

    I have a 1960's model Victor 10 ft table with Master K66 Cushions. I have been watching all the talk of late about Artemis and other cushions. I am thinking about replacing the cushions on my table but all the top name brand K66 cushions I see on retail sites only go up to 48 inch lengths for 9...
  5. Renegade_56

    Charlotte Billiards Mfg Co.

    About a year and a half ago I was at one of the local rooms I frequent playing snooker. This particular room has 2 snooker tables, a very old Saunier Wilhelm, which gets all the play, and another table that very much resembles the Brunswick Centenial and Anniversary designs. I asked the manager...
  6. Renegade_56

    Where to Play in twin cities area,,,,,,

    I have a trip to Eden Prairie area for a few days coming up in August. I already have my ticket for a Twins/Indians game, so now I need advise on a good poolroom or two with 9 footers.
  7. Renegade_56

    Router Mount in 3D (3D Print that is.)

    Here is my latest upgrade to my lathe. I printed this on our 3D printer at my real job. I built a solid model of my lathe all to scale then just built in the the solid of the router mount to fit where I wanted my Dewalt Router to be positioned. In the solids images the green part is the router...
  8. Renegade_56

    Pilot Length for a Joss shaft

    Does anyone have the pilot length spec for the pilot length for a Joss shaft please.? I have to re set an insert but I don't have the butt, so I want to be sure of no interference. Thanks.
  9. Renegade_56

    Nice Guerra Custom - Reduced Prices

    Offered by one of our members,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Renegade_56

    Active R@ffles

    We currently have 7 active R@ffles in process. Chances to get some nice gear at very low prices.
  11. Renegade_56

    Jerico Stinger J/B Cue
  12. Renegade_56

    Wrapless Anwar Custom

    Nice Segmented Cue Contest offered by Createatks........ Spots available now.
  13. Renegade_56

    The Cuemakers Directory,,,,,INPUT

    This post kinda covers several forum categories, so I decided to put it in the Main Forum to prevent multiple posts. As many of you are aware, I have been compiling "The Cuemakers Directory" over the last 8 or 9 months over on my site and to date has listings for 643 Cuemakers. The listings are...
  14. Renegade_56

    Never Assume,,,,,,,

    This is just a reminder for all of you guys who work with machine tools to never underestimate safety. I've worked with machine tools since 1974,,,,over 39 years and counting, and have never had anything close to a major safety issue,,,,,,until this past Wednesday night. I got home at around...
  15. Renegade_56

    Schon CX08

  16. Renegade_56

    List your Room Please,,,,,,

    See this thread, Thanks
  17. Renegade_56

    Pool Room Listings,,,,

    I've set up a Listing for Pool Rooms, listed and Filtered by State and completely free for all to use, and Smart Phone friendly with the free Mobile version. So far we just have members listing in there since posting requires membership. Please stop by and add rooms you KNOW exist, and provide...
  18. Renegade_56

    JB Case - Oil Tan Leather

    Offered by "Billyard" 3x4 / 2x5 JB Oil Tan Leather case for r@ffle. This is one of JB's most durable cases. $8 per spot Free Membership required to participate.
  19. Renegade_56

    Charlotte Snooker Table

    As of this Sunday I will be the new owner of a 10 ft snooker table manufactured by Charlotte Billiards MFG Co. Does anyone know anything about these tables,,,,,years made, quality, etc. 1 1/2" slate,,,,,,,3 pieces,,,,I know it's heavy as hell.
  20. Renegade_56

    Promoting Custom Cues and Cuemaking

    I have expanded my cuemaker section to try and provide tools that will assist in helping people to find Cuemakers and Repairmen, added an RFQue feature so that people with cue build needs can get quotes and interaction from the cuemakers who have time to take on the work, added a public...