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  1. ghost ball

    How do you dress or appear at a pool hall?

    I dress like justanidiot’s mom and get played every time.
  2. ghost ball

    New 8 Point Tad Cue by the Father

    If made back then, can you explain the TAD logo? He wasn’t putting them on back then. I bet it has a serial number under the bumper.
  3. ghost ball

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in pool!

    Dumbest thing in pool ever.
  4. ghost ball

    Billiards as a way to teach proper behavior

    Oh sure, asshat NumNuts and Dan Hardlyman (sp?,) and their academy would teach “proper behavior”. Again, nummy, you have made this space on the internet worse, congrats.
  5. ghost ball


  6. ghost ball

    America vs Rest of the World

    Enough is enough, I’m gonna invest into attending that harriminni academy (sp?) and bring back pool to America.
  7. ghost ball

    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    Different sport but..maybe applicable.
  8. ghost ball

    Ethical purchse, or hot?

    How about asking seller if they are stolen or not?
  9. ghost ball

    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    This asshat posted something about suicide yet fails to recognize that every fucking post of his encourages az members to hang themselves. I am fed up with this clown. This place sucks with him. And who the fuck is Danny Harriman?!
  10. ghost ball

    A Pool Room Is Opening Soon In Fresno, CA…….SIERRA BILLIARDS.

    No shit. I want to get back in pool, but Danny Ks is my only option?! I’d move to Fresno but it’s still in Ca. Looks like a nice place.
  11. ghost ball

    Cue case preference

    Made in America gets my dollar.
  12. ghost ball

    AZ Challenge, Post Your Results

  13. ghost ball

    Serious question?

    3 dimensional pool. This is a job for justnum.
  14. ghost ball

    Serious question?

    I wish blue glue made the decisions. It’s the only way to keep this sport together.
  15. ghost ball

    Watching Pinegar vs Pastura

    Pinegar dude looked like a Pokémon ball.
  16. ghost ball


    ACE is the hardware store for women, go to Home Depot for your screwy needs.
  17. ghost ball

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    Looks like justnumnuts has something with his paper cue after all. Roll me one up!
  18. ghost ball

    A (hopefully) more analytical approach re: Is pool a sport?

    If you are able to drink a beer and have a smoke while playing, it’s a game.
  19. ghost ball

    Personally most annoying thing in pool.

    Wife and children.
  20. ghost ball

    Newsflash: yapping dog finally gets off porch, barely wins over traveling case maker. -2014

    WTF, you brought up the IRS? You trying to F all pool players?