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  1. Danimal

    Tokyo Pool Rooms/Stores

    Nice Daytona on the wall lol. In fact, nice everything you got there.
  2. Danimal

    Easier way to boost the US Mosconi Cup team?

    Any US team needs to get the wild 8 from Europe at this point.
  3. Danimal

    Player’s room in Sarasota Florida

    Livingston’s also has a couple of open tournaments during the week going on. OP check their social or give them a call
  4. Danimal

    Just for fun

  5. Danimal

    Deleting Posts

    The former was Neil. Everything turned into dots
  6. Danimal

    Why are Viking cues so often overlooked?

    Ronnie Alcano is pretty big. He won a major title with his cue and afterwards got the Viking logo tattooed on his forearm!
  7. Danimal

    Have you used carbon fiber and went back to wood?

    They put some type of steel bolt in the middle of a Revo to add weight to it. Take a magnet, hold it around the middle of a Revo shaft and voila! - you’ll be surprised.
  8. Danimal

    Are we seeing the end of wood cues?

    I agree, OP, just like we saw the end of the use of wooden violins and guitars. I hated keeping those things properly humidified and in good shape, anyways. I’m sure most professionals feel the same as you do!
  9. Danimal

    why is there background music at Matchroom events?

    Turning Stone has always had background music playing, and it’s typically classic rock. No complaints.
  10. Danimal

    Pool fads?

    Cheqio performance drink and vitamins!
  11. Danimal

    Vasectomy and pool

    TIL more poolplayers than I thought would stop at no lengths to drop their pool games a coupla balls 😝
  12. Danimal

    Steinway Billiards Closing

    According to the development plan outline, it looks like the ol’ Riviera Club across the way will be spared!
  13. Danimal

    Good players using TAD cues?

    Several years ago I watched Uchigaki play Ko Pin Yi on the TV table at the US Open in VA. Big Ko shot at a .950 TPA and still lost hill-hill to Kenichi (!), who was all dressed up, button down shirt, vest and all. I’ll never forget watching him with that fancy TAD run out that last rack for...
  14. Danimal

    billiard tables in famous objects like castles, palaces etc.

    Many of us dreamed of having both a full size pool table and a 3 cushion table in our homes. And to think, we would only have to have been born a Hearst to achieve it :LOL:
  15. Danimal

    Anyone watching Curling ?

    I think the match clock idea in Curling is a grand idea. If pro pool would adopt such a strategy, it would go a long way towards legitimizing our game. It would curb stalling and slow play, make tournament match times consistent, and scheduling would be predictable. All in all, dare I say...
  16. Danimal

    Fun break speed competition at DCC

    Simonis cloth rendered the power break pointless in pool.
  17. Danimal

    Mike Miller passed away.

    Very sad to hear, Mike was a great guy. I visited his shop once - he was a wonderful craftsman, and even moreso a gentleman. R.I.P. Mr. Morgan
  18. Danimal

    Qualcuno conosce ???

    Sfortunatamente non sembra essere nessuna marcia di produzione sulla stecca. La etichetta al fondo indicherebbe una stecca economica, probabilmente dall’estero, oppure una stecca e stata fatto da un produttore sconosciuto. Mi dispiace non c’è altra informazione. Ciò è tutto posso indicare dai...
  19. Danimal

    International Open

    It‘s a well run, traditional event, and this year they’re including both an 18/under boys and girls event. I think it’s encouraging to include these young players and allow them to play alongside the pros on a big stage - it’s good for the future of our game. Next year, hopefully the pandemic...
  20. Danimal

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I struggled for a long time trying to incorporate a pause into my stroke. It wasn’t until someone posted the following lesson from Mark Wilson at DCC that it finally clicked for me (do yourself a favor and watch all 3 parts):