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  1. Tooljunkie

    Riten #2 MT live center new in box

    Riten super accurate live center #12102 #2 Morse taper in original box with paperwork. $218 new . $100 shipped usps. Continental US.
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    Items for sale

    Email sent
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    14 hours no power & 100 degrees

    Glad your ok, we had 90+ mph winds here. I lost 90 percent of the roof on my shop, slight damage to the House but no one was hurt.We lost power for 26 hours, Needless to say I have one huge mess to contend with. we soaked all the machinery with WD40 and covered everything inside with tarps.We...
  4. Tooljunkie

    Just got this neat old tool

    What you have there is a Rockwell/Delta inverted Pin Router. They are great for making duplicate parts for Cabinet making or manufacturing. It could also be used as a jointer by using the fence currently installed and a straight router bit.
  5. Tooljunkie

    Lathe crash:I'm going to be sick

    Check out the Turn Pro lathe on Enco's sight it looks like the same Machine as the Lux I was able to find online. You should be able to download a pdf parts breakdown and possibly a Manual. Good luck with the repair. Jim
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    Saw blade shaft machine

    I checked out their Website and was impressed ,thanks. I was wondering if your motors were Brush or Brushless type ? Just trying to make sure I am getting the right thing. thanks, Jim
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    Saw blade shaft machine

    Thanks alot you have been a big help ! Also Congratulations on your Championship win, great job !
  8. Tooljunkie

    Saw blade shaft machine

    What speed range are your motors ? Did the cost include the DC Controller ? thanks, Jim
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    Selling cue building euipment

    Mark, Please disregard my latest p.m. I see you added pricing. thanks, Jim
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    touch up points

    As CMs, we strive for perfection in every cue we build (and the cues we repair). Perfection is a goal that we strive for but in our hearts we know that perfection is a goal never to be achieved. Perfection does not exist. Well said sir! Rep to you.
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    1340 Geared Head Jet Lathe

    P.M. Sent , thanks
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    Indentify this table (Another Craiglist find?)

    I believe that it is an old Victor similar to the one in My avitar. It appears to have a different base (four legs rather than two) but I just got done refurbishing mine and the rails , castings, and frame look the same. good luck , Jim
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    Davis Blanks for sale

    P.M. sent thanks.
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    Electricians I need a little advise

    Chris , It seems like I was quoted around $450 for an American made replacement motor when I had a problem with mine. Find the frame # on the name plate and search on ebay and google and you will probable find a good deal. good luck , Jim
  15. Tooljunkie

    Electricians I need a little advise

    Chris, I had the same problem a couple of years ago with my lathe, it wound up being the start capacitor. I replaced both the start and run caps and have not had a problem since. good luck, Jim
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    FS: John Davis Blank

    P.M. sent thanks
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    100's Pantagraph Patterns Any Interrest?

    Lee, I would be interested , are you going to have some pictures or drawings to choose from? Also what ratio will they be? thanks, Jim
  18. Tooljunkie

    Gold Crown Corner Castings

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