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  1. tigerseye

    Tiger ultra x 5/16 × 14 black collar

    1 shaft has kamui super soft tip and the other has factory tiger tip. Looking for $150 for one with Tiger tip Looking for $125 for one with kamui super soft... The reason is that this one has a ding in it but can barely feel it
  2. tigerseye

    Who will win? Earl Strickland vs Efren Reyes January 14-16, 2014

    No matter who wins....My hats off to both of these players....They will be Icons of this game for many many years to come.:thumbup:
  3. tigerseye

    Having trouble with seeing tourney bracket..

    Can anyone help?
  4. tigerseye

    2000 stroke drill

    Tor Lowrey has great drills on his website or you can find him on Youtube... Check it out, I am sure you will like it..=)
  5. tigerseye

    Should a pro player call a foul on themselves?

    I thought that's what the referee were for...but if their isn't one, then yes they should call the foul and save their reputation
  6. tigerseye

    The butt of my cue snapped but i was able to save it!

    I have 1985 Joss cue that apparently felt the need to snap into half just below the joint. I thought it was ruined.... Some guys at the bar told me to put it back together using Elmers wood glue.. I did and it hits great...So anyone that snaps one don't can be fixed!! :thumbup:
  7. tigerseye

    What would u have done...?

    I thought that too and we asked the TD which said it was rotate shooters the entire time...Which was hard to keep up with
  8. tigerseye

    Negative people please read!

    I vote for more scotch doubles rotation pool...that is actually interesting to watch. Pool players wearing just looks wierd....Nice team colored shirts would be more appropriate....imo
  9. tigerseye

    What would u have done...?

    Playing a scotch doubles format with losers breaking.. The other team has a player that pockets the 9. We break and shoot til my partner missed a ball. The same player from the other team jumps up and shoots quickly. I call the foul on them. They are not happy but I felt it was the proper thing...
  10. tigerseye

    Nick Varner on TAR?

    Shannon Daulton vs Efren Reyes in some one pocket or banks!!
  11. tigerseye

    Which league do you prefer?

    Never heard of those other leagues,as well as these are the only leagues available in my area...
  12. tigerseye

    Spat between Accu-Stats and InsidePoolMag at DCC

    I dont understand why the casino is allowing any video coverage anyway. Seems like the everyone would make more money if people came to the event... You can never get any better than actually being there live anyway...
  13. tigerseye

    Which league do you prefer?

    Just seeing which one folks preffered.. Thanks:thumbup:
  14. tigerseye

    WPBL Brings up Allegations of Fraud

    Someone said the other day they give it 3months and then it would die....i REALLY didnt believe them but dang....
  15. tigerseye

    Build a champion in a month or 2. Is this possible?

    I thought u had a above average player....average player..maybe my speed in 2 months..:thumbup:
  16. tigerseye

    Build a champion in a month or 2. Is this possible?

    He's got the If you define a Champion like Earl or SVB, i dont think so...Maybe like a Kim Davenport or Chris Bartrum ..maybe.. Good Luck and enjoy the ride..=))
  17. tigerseye

    Best U.S. Player Between 30-40 Years Old

    Probably Mike Fuller
  18. tigerseye

    Instantly improve your game!!

    The part about squeezing a ball in your left hand is also used for ceoncentration... Nice thread..=)
  19. tigerseye

    Lost love.....

    It seems the older I get the less I care.... When I was 16 and found the game of pool, I practiced for hours and hours. Today, maybe an hour a month..... I have lost it and cant find it..... Anyone have any words of wisdom?