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    Any 14.1 Players in Santiago, Chile?

    I'll check with the concierge and report back.
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    Any 14.1 Players in Santiago, Chile?

    On my way there now, just curious if anyone lived there and wanted to play some 14.1 this week? If not, I'll be there this week, looking for a place to play near the Marriott on Kennedy Ave. in Santiago. Thanks
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    Red Shoes Qualifier July 6, 2013

    Congrats Bob, best of luck!
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    Best day of my 14.1 career!

    Great shot of John and Ed, BOTH are great teachers and players. Tons of fun to hang around those guys. Good luck with your game, it is a fun one. I would recommend the How to Run a 100 videos from both Rempe and the one from Schmidt.
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    Accu-Stats Makes it Happen for Straight Pool !!

    How many sponsors are required Dennis?
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    qualifiers; 14.1

    Bummer, doing this on a high travel holiday weekend. Was hoping to participate this year. Good luck to all.
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    73rd World Tournament Aug 19-24th at Steinway Billiards NYC

    Any idea when the Qualifiers will be?
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    Instructional Part IV Coming Soon!

    Looking forward to seeing it Mike!!
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    My Visit With 14-1Straightman (Mike Grosso)

    Well, right along the lines of Marcus Norwood's thread ( I got to have a visit with Mike this past week. I have a customer in Dallas that I had to visit this week, so I reached out to Mike about my visit to see if he might have any time to...
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    There are Pool Angels

    Wow Michael, that is a REALLY cool story! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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    Congrats Schmidty !!!

    What awesome news! Congrats to John, great to see you on top. No questions, no way! TOP DOG!!! Congrats!
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    100 balls reached.

    Congrats! Heck of an achievement! I'd be thrilled to hit 50, and be able to repeat that effort. Do you have any tips that helped you "Break Through" to higher runs for the rest of trying to extend our high run numbers? It seems as I learn more and more what balls to save on the table, and what...
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    Scorekeeping for 14.1

    I have beads, counters and smartphone app. Personally, I HATE the counters on the table as they seem to never have a solid click between numbers, but seem to free spin. This means that whenever they get accidentally bumped, the score gets all screwed up. Second, I have to put glasses on to...
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    Beat or Match Mosconi's 526 at the BCAPL Nationals Win Cash!

    Best thing I have seen on this topic is from this site:
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    4.0 continuous - You can run a 100+

    9BallJim, Did you hit the break ball with a full rack every time, or just lay out the next set of 15 balls spread around the table? If you spread them back out, I did that last week, and made it through 84 balls. It felt great.
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    4.0 continuous - You can run a 100+

    Bob, the 6.1 is easy to picture as you described. Rack a 6 ball rack, leave a ball out. Seems that subsequent breaks would be VERY difficult since the rack is so small to hit. I was hoping for a pic of the 4.1 that was mentioned in the first post. I'll try the 6.1 in a few minutes. Sounds like...
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    4.0 continuous - You can run a 100+

    Great idea. I also like the 6.1 idea. Can you perhaps post a photo of your set-up?
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    My Visit With 14-1Straightman (Mike Grosso)

    Thanks for sharing the video. It looks like a great room to relax in at home! Mike - Thanks for all of your posts and your videos. Always love learning from you. How does it feel being a mentor to people you haven't even met?! LOL! Seriously, thanks for all that you do. Definitely one of the...
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    video run of 60

    Thanks for sharing Jim, nice job.
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    Carom break shots

    Opportunity came up in a match last night. I was down a couple of racks, and I had to see if I could gain on him. Ended up to steep for the cut on the BB, and called it, and played it soft off the rack. Boom - Dead center in the corner pocket, with a nice spread. 5-6 balls were out for...