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  1. ravenphat

    Jump Cue Choices? Best One?

    Good jump cue James Hanshew makes a hellva jump cue. Purple heart shaft with a 2 piece but for long and short jumps. And he is very reasonable price. I've had mine 2 yrs now with no problems and or defects. I think he gets 130 to 150 for them.
  2. ravenphat

    FS/FT:8Pt Cocobolo Hoppe, 1of1 Ebony Sneaky, 3x5 Instroke Artisan

    nice cues if bullfrog had wings i woupd still bump it butt.. so heres a bumpy bump
  3. ravenphat

    6 cues for sale

    the predator how bad is the wobble.. does tip leave table... whats weight and the weight of purple heart sp...
  4. ravenphat


    i see in all the pictures of jeremy jones hes using new cue. anyone know who its made by???? doesnt look like a shuler that i know of ..
  5. ravenphat

    $1,000 Added 9-ball Nac, Tx. Feb 21-22 Open To All

    is this tournament full is it only 64 players and is it full.... just wondering might can make it tyring to get some one to come with long drive for me
  6. ravenphat

    Fast Eddies Olhuasen 9 Ball Tour Jan 17-18

    still debating.. i ll probally donate to tournament .. might be ther to watch the ring game depends what time i get home... plus it will b my b day plus sister having my niece same day
  7. ravenphat

    Wanted: A Schon cue.

    schon cue rackem zackem had one up for sale but then put it in a raffle i think.. look for rackem zackem.. i have a schon ltd looks like a stl 14 instead of 4 points it 6 point 2 shafts 700 plus 3 paypal and shipping. only sene 10 to 20 games.. i work on a boat dont have pics with me can send...
  8. ravenphat

    New Cues & Old -TAKE A LOOK!!!! - Nice Unusual Cue Inside..Hmmm

    olivier can you post a full pic of the olivier.. might be intrested in it.. since no annie o finnally the full picture downloaded sorry.. zach u coming to fast eddies on 17???? just wonderin got to collect some birthday cash on 16 might buy olivier and or woody or predator
  9. ravenphat

    Fast Eddies Olhuasen 9 Ball Tour Jan 17-18

    thanks i guess if i decide to play ill be there in morning @1030 or so to sighn up or i will try to make it friday night and watch some ring games
  10. ravenphat

    Fast Eddies Olhuasen 9 Ball Tour Jan 17-18

    dress code so saturday say pants and decent tshirt... sunday if still in tourny is collar shirt and pants i got it... also if someone wants to come watch is there a charge
  11. ravenphat

    Fast Eddies Olhuasen 9 Ball Tour Jan 17-18

    dress code is there any dress codes???? was wondering use to have one been awhile since i played in a fast eddies tour event...
  12. ravenphat

    Houston Pearland Area?

    if i am not mistaken big daddies tourny tonight is open tournament .. plus if never been there they dont know his speed theyll let him play.... lil place in frienswood has 9 ball tonight start at 9 0r so barbox race to 3 it called r and r sports bar and grill... wed big daddies also has one r...
  13. ravenphat

    Fast Eddies Olhuasen 9 Ball Tour

    how do i????????? i work offshore i get home on jan16 late but want to play on 17 is there away for me to sign up by net????? u can pm or email me any info or just leave it on forum thanks for any info...
  14. ravenphat

    Jump break four pieces

    tiger icebreaker i bought one about 3 months ago ..i like it alot. it breaks like a hamer with little force dont have to try to kill it.. i just sent it back to tiger it started to get a rattle in it tony wanted to look it over himself to see if it is a desighn flaw. that shows me hes intrest...
  15. ravenphat

    WTT- for mid to high end Schon / Danny Stout- New finish, wrap, and 2 Predator shafts

    my name its david hunter. let just say im a banger that plays for fun.. i hang @ with mark kopsie, ed hicks, loud mouth matt mendoza.. but i work on boats only home one time a month for 10 days.... i bought my first schon from denis long time ago.ill be home in 6 more days wohoo
  16. ravenphat

    WTT- for mid to high end Schon / Danny Stout- New finish, wrap, and 2 Predator shafts

    schon in houston area i have schon limited looks kinda like the stl 14 but no predator shafts got 2 schon shafts. one been playes with maybe 40 games other is brand new been chalk once...i dont get home though from offshore till the 14 th.. i might be intrested in trade.. another person to talk...
  17. ravenphat

    Johnny, Earl and T-Wheels want real Texas BBQ any suggestions?

    great bbq cant forget about stubbs in austin... its the place to be on the weekends after a hard day food and good bands . thelmas is the best in h town hands down. both places have been on tv on a bbq show
  18. ravenphat

    weekly tournament at caspers san leon tx

    results of week 2 aaron springs was 1 with old man dade 2nd jerry averys 3 shon blue was 4 manual 5 forgot who got 6th.... i give heather and charlie credit for running a tournament like this. all the winers and criers about the handicapes.. people dont relise it will take a few weeks to get...
  19. ravenphat

    weekly tournament at caspers san leon tx

    handicapes i heard they handi. chris has a lvl 5 and manual as a 7 .. i see somthin wrong with that.. chris is as good or even with manual. wonder where they put parker... oh wee see what it is all about next weekend
  20. ravenphat

    Possibly trading a Schon cue

    what model # whats this cue model # i have one just like it trying to identifiy it??? thanks