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    John Henderson One Pocket, Nov. 18-19,2023, Sacramento, Ca. $1,500 added

    Brian_Laflamme, Howdy; ... and the venue would located where??? in Sacramento??? just askin' hank
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    Oils for Leather: TEAK, TUNG, LINSEED ?

    Prison break, Howdy; Kinda depends on the leather. Some manufacturers recommend different kinds of oil. I had bought a used cue case so I contacted the Instroke and they were adamant that Neat's-foot oil should be the only oil used. On a pair of sewing Palms I have I only use Sno-seal as a...
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    bbb, Howdy; Have you asked down in the Ask the Cue maker section? hank
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    Unusual/weird/unique billiard tools and implements

    Anyone interested in trying an apron? Won't find one cheaper. hank
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    What is meant by "Pop" the cue ball?

    Howdy All; Funny how 'pop' became 'hop'. Back in the North-East, Pop has a meaning akin to a short forceful stroke, as in I popped him one and he ended up with a blackeye/bloody nose, things like that. "Pop" as used would be a short stroke with force. IMO, YMMV. chucklin' hank
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    Stripped weight bolt head

    Howdy; if it's a hex-head try wetting the tip of the hex-wrench and dipping it in some scouring powder like Comet, Ajax or Bar Keeper's friend. Apply steadily increasing pressure. Can also be used for Philips style and for straight slot screws I recommend a hollow ground tip instead of the...
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    The Break Shot in Straight Pool

    KeithK, Howdy; Have ya bought his book? hank
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    Practice or Books Which is Best?

    billiardshot, Howdy; I kinda look at it this way. Would I like to read about the best meal I can read about or eat the best meal. Reading is great for theory, actually doing it does wonders for ability. Best of both. hank
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    2023 American 14.1 Championship

    Howdy All; Shame to see 14.1 slowly fading into the background. I do think that it will be continued as a game such as the 'small games' of pocket Billiards. Shame as it is such a wonderful foundation game that really applies to the rest, even the rotation games where finding shape is...
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    Holistic leaf Dufferin

    DAVE, Howdy; What The Black is a Silver?? I've never seen one just read about'em. Were always referred to as Black. Must have tarnished, eh. hank
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    Holistic leaf Dufferin

    Howdy All; Well, My experience with Duffs is short, I've had 3. All Red Leaves. All had a metal (Aluminum), joint, pin in the shaft and an aluminum collar on the base black micarta band on the shaft. Every one of them was/is a shooter. Happy to have them. Don't know about the reason for the...
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    Info on vintage Dufferin 2 piece cue

    daniel, Howdy; I have one with the Red Maple leaf, 17oz., with the aluminum joint. Mine came with an 11.5 tipped shaft. Had a shaft made for it with a micarta ferrule and a Talisman break tip that's 13mm. Still have the 11.5 shaft. Might use it to start some 3C learning. hank
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    Bar beater thread

    Howdy All; Have a pair, One is an older Dufferin, I use it as my break cue but still have a regular shaft I can use with it. The other is a Bacote version of the ones Mueller's used to sell with a new shaft made by Schmelke. hank
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    Ever Gone Up A Tip Size?

    Howdy All; I just use wood shafts and most of my shooting has been with 12.5 mm. Bought a used cue and it had a 13 mm shaft. Tried it and it took a bit to get used to. Had a cue built and the maker asked and I asked in return what do you 'normally' use and he answered 13 mm. So, new cue has 13...
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    The Break Shot in Straight Pool

    Howdy; This feller, Bob has some good information that might help ya some. Go to about 16 minute mark, for nonopening break shots. hank
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    Cleaned alot of 'things' in a long life. Always found that the Universal Solvent generally works the best in most cases. What is the universal Solvent? hank
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    What is the best 2x3 case on the market?

    Howdy All; Bought a very nice Instroke Buffalo 2X3 earlier this year. Tad heavier then those cloth Butterfly cases but solid and suites my needs. Justt my opinion. hank
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    Fishing in my pool case

    The first one listed is mechanical, has spring steel fingers hank
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    Fishing in my pool case

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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    Howdy; Back in the 2000's I would drive the 50 miles to Lancaster, Ohio shoot on the 9' tables at a Connolly dealership. One day my tip pops off I splutter like a mad duck, the counter guy says what? I tell him, and he says " Step over here" Shows me one of those Porper Mini-Q in a box lathes...