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    U.S. Open Checks Bounced???

    problem with Barry Bob Jewett just brought it to my attention that the balls were probably the property of Accu-stats and therefore I would like to apologize to all parties concerned, especially to the young lady that responded to my post.
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    U.S. Open Checks Bounced???

    US Open problrm Lady, I have a construction company for 35 years, when I tell an employee to do something and it doesn't get done, the customer is looking for me not the employee. If Barry doesn't care about these guys getting paid he sure as hell doesn't care about my little problem. I don't...
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    U.S. Open Checks Bounced???

    problems at the US Open You Sir are exactly correct. Barry had a drink in his hand the whole time and it looked like he was hammered. I'm sorry the players did'nt get paid but I got to tell one more story on Barry. I'm the idiot that bought the tv table and in my conversation and note along...
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    A good idea for TV and pool

    good luck I hope that works Just kidding buddy. It's Bob , in Charlotte , call me about my 1st trip to US Open. You won't believe it.
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    Photographer at US Open 9-Ball

    Tony Fox Thank you for the help.
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    Photographer at US Open 9-Ball

    Does anyone have contact info on the photographer that was taking photos at the conclusion of the finals. I think his name was Mike Fox?
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    Here comes a dead horse. SVB talk.

    racking problems The 2-ball may have been loose but they kept removing the rack and then pushing the one ball trying to freeze it and then they started tapping balls and it was a problem. Note when the Philapino players played each other there was no cheching the rack. They accepted the rack
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    My First Trip to The US Open 9-Ball

    pool lessons Thanks Scott I actually took Randy G's 3-day class for certified instructor 6-7 years ago down at Livingston's Billiards In Bradenton, Fl. Great course only I guess I could never break my bad habits. SPF is beautiful to watch (Buddy Hall, Allison Fisher, etc.) I have heard alot of...
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    My First Trip to The US Open 9-Ball

    I'll make this post as short as possible but it was quite an experience. I had arranged to purchase the "TV Table" from Diamond Billiard Products Inc. I'm building a new room at my home and I'll post pictures when it is finished. I met so many fine people, players and spectators. The table was...
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    custom cue on ebay

    nice cue Bump,good luck with your sale
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    looking for Brunswick antique billiard chair(s)

    billiard chairs OK , pm me a number, thanks
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    looking for Brunswick antique billiard chair(s)

    looking for Brunswick antique chair(s) bump, anything?
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    looking for Brunswick antique billiard chair(s)

    Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area got any for sale?
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    Chudy fans

    bump for cocobolo Chudy
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    Steve Price 1x2 case on e-bay

    I bought the 2x4 version of this same case on e-bay a month ago. I noticed that it actually sold on AZ some months ago. It bids at about midnite Sunday and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is the real thing. It's black with with two silver diamonds about 16" apart with a line...
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    ~~~~FS Rusty Melton Case Brand New~~~~

    will it hold a 31" shaft? thanks
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    Dennis Swift 1x2 Case

    if the deal falls thru I'll take it under the same terms.
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    Cut Of Championship Cloth For Cheap 136"x66"

    I'll take it he doesn't
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    ***Whitten, Thomas, Melton, Instroke Cases for Sale***

    thomas case let me know if that deal falls thru, I'll take it.
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    Happy Birthday Dieckman!

    Happy B-day Hey Jamison, hope you are doing well, and Happy Birthday to "Deekmon" Bob