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  1. The_Rookie

    Shooting pool. :Bleh:

    It's become a bit of a bore. What's the deal you figure? I'm just not into it Itseems. I do shoot APA 8-ball. :yawn: just kinda lost interest. But once "league" is over. It's a whole different story. I think I kind of answered my own question.
  2. The_Rookie

    Moving: Denton, Texas

    Looks like I may end up enjoying the move
  3. The_Rookie

    Moving: Denton, Texas

    I really appreciate the insight. It's really sounding good to me. What's the cost of living like? I read earlier in a post that the dollar can be stretched. Is that true? Thanks again
  4. The_Rookie

    I love Red Shoes Bar/Grill/Billiards

    In Alsip? Hmm. Only about 35 minutes away. I think I may have to stop in.
  5. The_Rookie

    Bluegrass cue

    Post pics here
  6. The_Rookie

    Moving: Denton, Texas

    I appreciate the Insight. I'm ready for the change of scenery. I love Chicago, but I believe it's time to turn a new page. I'll have a job ready and waiting so I guess that's the good thing.
  7. The_Rookie

    Moving: Denton, Texas

    So I received a job offer out there. I'm from Chicago. I'm kind of excited. I'm ready to head out to Texas. Pros? Cons? Please and thank you.
  8. The_Rookie

    $$$$ McDERMOTT - short splice $$$$

    Send him a PM!
  9. The_Rookie

    Choking on the money ball a lot lately

    That's great advice. I've been in a rut too. But I'm slowly coming out of it.
  10. The_Rookie

    Meucci or Huebler Butt

    TREAT MY BOY FLIPDOGGG RIGHT!!! FLIP I'm sure you'll be taken care of! :D
  11. The_Rookie

    WANTED: The CueShark P.U.P

    Thee Ol' 48 hour bump. Still looking.
  12. The_Rookie

    Help identifying this MEUCCI??

    I've been informed by Meucci a couple of years ago as to what it is. And as far as the value.. I've been informed as to what it's valued at too. Both by them and another reputable person. Thanks. And wow.. That "refinished" cue. Wow. Mine looks more like one on the flyer still :)
  13. The_Rookie

    WANTED: The CueShark P.U.P

    I'm looking to buy a CueShark P.U.P If you have one and would like to sell it please send me a PM. The color really doesn't matter to me. Thank You.
  14. The_Rookie

    WANTED: Pre-Flag Masters (Blue)

    I'm looking to buy a few cubes of Masters Pre-Flag (Blue Only) If you'd part with a few cubes(3+) or even a couple(2) please let me know. Thank you
  15. The_Rookie

    We Lost Tommie 1351

    Although I did not know Tommie personally I can see he was Loved here in AZB. He was one of the Most Recognizable names I saw when I first joined. From what I've read and seen... I knowl He Will Be Missed. Reading these posts makes me realize how great it is to be a part of AZB. You'll be...
  16. The_Rookie

    WTB Predator 2k-1 or 3k-1

    I have a 2K3. It's like a 2K1. But this one has a maple forearm with 4 Ebony points. It cones with the joint protectors too.
  17. The_Rookie

    Les Blevins 1996 extremely rare cue FS

    Money order only? Do people feel comfortable sending $1000+ with no guarantee? I'm just asking.
  18. The_Rookie

    TWO predator 314 1st gen shafts (5/16x14) in excellent condition

    PM sent yesterday. Waiting for reply.
  19. The_Rookie

    TWO predator 314 1st gen shafts (5/16x14) in excellent condition

    The milk duds from pooldawg are great. It was what sold my last cue. The guy bought it on the spot. It wasn't for sale but $$ talks. Good luck