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    Can you please help me identify this cue?

    Hello AZ'ers, been a long time since I've been here. I was hoping maybe some of you could tell me what kind of cue is this... The person selling it doesn't know anything about cues, so the weight, length and the straightness of the cue is unknown. What kind of money should I be paying for...
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    Anything special about old or aged chalk?

    Really, this thread again. Now it starts... The topics will be: 1. If Kamui is worth it 2. Which Kamui is better 3. omg kamui sticks to the white ball, no lolz i use 1 cube per 100 years 4. BAKE UR CHALK ITZ AWESOME 5. NO, stick it in milk for 17 months, freeze it, bake it, soak in honey and...
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    front foot in stance

    Hahahaha :D On the topic, it usually comes naturally for me to line my right foot and it's toes in the direction of the shot line. As I was a beginner player I naturally used the snooker stance, or something like it. Now I use snooker stance on 90% of the shots. Every once in a while I have to...
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    dime or nickel shape tip?

    No difference what so ever. Whenever I put a new tip on, I shape it so it looks good, after a session or two of playing the tip takes its natural shape according to my playing style.
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    So what's the deal with glove hatred in the pool room?

    Dont know if anyone has respond to it, but MJ wore the glittery glove because the illness that made his skin white started from his hand. He tried to hide it as long as he could.
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    Alex Pagulayan going to UK to try pro snooker

    Are you watching this live on spot or live from web? If from web, please share a link! :)
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    Alex Pagulayan going to UK to try pro snooker

    Wow I hope they both make it. Getting into the main tour as a pro will surely profit them more while being one of the weaker players on snooker tour compared to being one of the best players in pool. Edit: Did a bit of research. The legendary Jimmy White who was ranked 64th on the main tour...
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    Guns and Cues, Show us your Piece

    My picture from a few years back. My service rifle AK 4. (Not AK47, mind) 7.62 mm caliber, 20+1 rounds. Very, very accurate rifle. Sometimes used as a semi-sniper rifle with mods. I get to use it every couple of months when I volunteer in "Kaitseliit" which is similar to national guard in the...
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    Top Level Snooker vs Pool?

    Would be great to watch. As much as I like Shane, Ronnie is the better cueist. Ronnie would come much closer to winning in pool than Shane would in snooker.
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    How to gauge interest in local small pool tournament

    Hello. I have been asked to start hosting weekly or every other weekly pool tournaments in our local town pool hall. We haven't had any interest in tournaments for more than a year. Simply because we don't have enough players who would show up. Now, some younger players have asked why there...
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    15 Ball Ghost Rating Drill

    I will try this in a couple of hours. Pretty sure my score will be 60, tho. :(
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    Fixing/cleaning the ferrule from scratches

    Thanks for the replies. I can't get my hands on any magic erasers and stuff like that, they don't sell these brands in Estonia. And I don't know the equivalents to them. I can get rubbing alcohol. I work in a hotel so I might ask the housemaids if they have any polish that doesn't have colour...
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    Fixing/cleaning the ferrule from scratches

    Hello, After sanding down the edges of a new tip, I accidentally brushed the ferrule quite a bit. Never replace the tip if you are in a hurry! The ferrule is made of some kind of cheap plastic, as it's a very low end cue. Now, every time I chalk, the chalk residue will stick to the ferrule. I...
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    The most casual escape safe ever!

    Yeah, I have to agree. The camerawork and production is top class. I wish more pool videos were like that. Great match too. I play and always have been playing on the exact same table. Is it just me, or do the pockets look big? Bigger than 4.5 inches?
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    Fixing a mushroomed tip

    Depens how mushroomed it is. Sometimes it needs cutting down with a very sharp blade and then sanding. I never let my own tip get mushroomed enough, whenever I see it being slightly mushroomed is sand it down quickly. But I haven't had the need to sand down my kamui brown medium once, after 8...
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    Power Draw & 11mm shafts ?

    That's a great video and great shot, but on the cloth I am playing on, the cue ball wouldn't go anywhere from the bottom cushion. The cloth on this video is probably very new and spins work very well. I would really have to power that shot on my cloth, almost to the point that making the OB...
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    Power Draw & 11mm shafts ?

    I can (not consistently, tho) draw 2 full table lengths with a snooker cue on a pool table and a snooker table (12 foot) diagonally. Same with a standard 13mm maple shaft pool cue. The snooker table cloth was only about a month old, so... I probably couldn't do it again now that is has been used...
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    Teaching a Newbie to stay down

    Just tell him not to jump up? He jumps up because he knows he didnt hit it good. (Here we go again :D)
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    "One guy offered me 10k for the cue... I'll probably keep it til I retire."

    Where are you getting your information? Stephen Hendry lost his cue during a flight. He then offered 10K for it to be returned. He got it back in pieces because it was broken. I don't know if this how it went down exactly, but for sure, he nevered played with the cue again because it was...
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    Getting in form for a scotch doubles tournament... alone

    At work, can't listen to it now :p