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  1. senor

    Houston open $5000 added sept 29 -30

    Danny ain't complaining that I can tell. I am. Your response is a good textbook answer, but if you knew more about the situation you may feel a little differently. Like he is a working stiff that can barely draw his ball when he is in stroke but still enters in every single tournament for the...
  2. senor

    Houston open $5000 added sept 29 -30

    DANNNYYYY RRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great finish my man! What's this about no jelly from the auction money? Who is this jerkoff? Say what you want about auction money and jellies, but if anyone deserves a little something it's Danny F'ing Lee.
  3. senor

    One Ball One Pocket

    Played this game with Lil John M a while back giving him odds on money. We played BIH in kitchen with OB froze to middle diamond. During our long session, we played two games in about 2 minutes, it was a pretty rare occurrence I suppose...On the opening shot I pocketed the OB in the side...
  4. senor

    One Ball One Pocket

    I'm of the opinion the NO game starts as a practice drill, but rather a way for two or more degenerates to bet their money :thumbup:
  5. senor

    One Ball One Pocket

    B/c as you pointed out, the opening break shot cannot be an offensive shot. I've only played it with OB frozen to middle diamond and BIH in kitchen, but I don't think it matters two shits how the game starts...
  6. senor

    Coming up from the depths in austin, tx.

    The Grand is about 10 mins away from you I think, and Clicks on mopac should be kinda close. Round Rock has G-Cue that hosts the TX Open. I think the name may have changed though. As you have learned Buffalo is not a pool hall, despite the name. Not sure about tourneys. Good Luck
  7. senor

    Mike Surber (murdered) Remembered..............

    As much as I would like closure and to see this predator brought to justice, maybe he's dead. Maybe he tried to bullshit a bullshitter and got his hand caught in the cookie jar. One can hope.
  8. senor

    Ernesto Bayaua

    Good job Easy! Any way to watch the match now? Thx
  9. senor

    Ralf Forfeits!???

    His pool/golf statement was meant to be interpreted fluidly, I think.
  10. senor

    Pictures from Ultimate 10

    Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing. The pics named Neils is actually Thorsten.
  11. senor

    REFUND DEMANDED for Archer vs. Strickland match!

    This is the most coherent post I've ever seen from you :)
  12. senor

    Casper's Billiards..5000 added One pocket.Feb..4th-6th 2011

    Taking up golf will make you a junior meteorologist as well.
  13. senor

    Casper's Billiards..5000 added One pocket.Feb..4th-6th 2011

    It's frickin cold. They say it'll start to snow sometime tonight and last until midmorning or noon tomorrow. Coastal areas (like San Leon) are said to have to deal with the worst of it...because it'll be just a little warmer there, they won't have snow, but a mixture of sleet and ice on the...
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    Congrats to Amanda Lampert

    Great work Amanda :bow-down:
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    Something Unreal Happened to me Today

    NewStroke is the Last Dragon...You're a buzzkill
  16. senor

    Something Unreal Happened to me Today

    Neo, there is no spoon.
  17. senor

    Self Implosion

    Slump buster You need to find someone that has no chance of beating you, play however cheap they want to play for, and beat on them mercilessly. You should feel a little better about your game after taking it out on someone weaker.
  18. senor

    texas open, septembe 3-6 in round Rock texas

    $50-75 parking in NYC vs. 100+ degree temps deep in the heart of TX. Pick your poison.
  19. senor

    What exactly makes a Diamond the better table??

    The only advantage, for me, that a Diamond has over a Gold Crown are the flat rails and flat pockets. As far as playability, I've never played on a Diamond that wasn't tricked out with the speed rails, so I've never played on a Diamond that played better than a Gold Crown.