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    SP6ON Roadline "Sneaky Pete" Pool cue, Blk/Orange, No Wrap Z2 shaft

    has the price changed due to inflation??
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    Attention Cue Makers and anyone who has info

    try the maker forum further down. lots of great people there.
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    Dominiak cue

    Looking for a nice used Dominiak cue. Let me know if you have something you want to sell. thanks.
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    Captain Bob Manzino Cues

    so more then $500???
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    Lightning Bolt Jump/Break cue 14 oz G10 ferrule/tip might want to include a link. there are actually a couple cues available on eBay!
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    Rare John Davis full cue (plus story)

    Here is mine
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    Rare John Davis full cue (plus story)

    Here is mine..with signature. He built the entire cue.
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    My new MVP cue

    Simply Awsome - maple into bloodwood. Love the way it plays, and it looks amazing. Thanks Kelly
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    site keeps downloading file

    I never opened the file..saw it download and dumped it into trash. here is what they look like in the trash. if its just me then maybe its unrelated to this site. its the last 2.."unknown" he file
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    site keeps downloading file

    why is azbilliards trying to download a file to my computer? Anyone else have this happening?
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    Bludworth Dufferin = Confused

    Just got. new Frey cue.....its a conversion, not sure if its Dufferin.
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    Gilbert's Custom Cues are among the best out there.

    can we get this stopped??? We all have 100 cue makers we love, but do we need to clutter up the board to remind people that *** is a great cue maker? Also, Dufferin cues really move the balls around :)
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    Interesting podcast about choking

    I get that...but she knew going in..if medication was the why not give her spot to someone who doesn't need the medication? And if she isn't going to compete, why is she still there? Have to remember...this isn't an event her sponsor etc paid for - this is paid for by us, so she...
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    LED light panels

    what are you using for diffuser? I see options, just curious what people find is working. I am thinking abut 2 [1x4] options. 9ft table
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    LED light panels

    other then there a reason to build a box and not just hand the light panel
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    LED light panels

    I see some really coon new light designs using LED's...just $$$$. Anyone have luck using 1x4 led panels for pool light? Certain K rating [4k, 5k]. one 1x4 enough, using 2? Thinking of hanging my own and just seeing if someone has any experience. TIA
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    Pool Cue Displays

    I did Inwall. Have to add doors with glass
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    Best Pool Balls?

    I know right!!!..and what about all these idiots using old pool cues...dont they know that if it isn't the latest thing built it isn't good!!! SMH
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    What should I expect to pay for a good Gold Crown

    while a agree...some "piano's" sell quickly. Someone looking for a GC or a Diamond is not our typical pool table buyer. There are literally hundreds of tables for sale locally to me...most say: paid 3K, sacrifice for 1k. You overpaid for a pool and spa place to deliver you a pool table, not a...
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    What should I expect to pay for a good Gold Crown

    So...whats it cost. I love the people who say 500 tops....good luck. I found a GC3 in good condition, stamped 4/97. 1400 for table, moved it myself, 900 for quality install with new 860hr. 200 for powder coating pockets, logo, ball return outline thingie and 4 legs. so all in at 2500ish and...