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    WCBS Multi-discipline Championships, Ankara, July 2023

    Yes I would agree I hope it does well. Reading my post back comes over a bit too negative. I wish them well, let’s say I hope that do something better next time.
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    WCBS Multi-discipline Championships, Ankara, July 2023

    When I read all this, it sounds more like an exhibition event. One thing it isn’t is a “world championship of cue sports” Because who really cares about teams called Europe A or Americas? There are no top snooker players, and not including 9-Ball in a supposedly “world cue sport event” is plain...
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    English 8 ball cue vs Snooker cue?

    My memory of club/pub play was that “generic” pool cues were generally a bit shorter and lighter and the snooker a bit longer. (Not that I play much anymore except with family) But as already said for many people with their own cues it’s pretty much interchangeable and down to preference.
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    US Billiard Industry Split

    I think you need to ask how damaging these splits are and who really holds the whip hand? The WPBSA fallout with the IBSF is essentially who controls the amateur game. It has no impact at a professional level, and after an immensely successful world championship, is not something the average fan...
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    2023 World Snooker Championship / April 15th - May 1st

    Quite the final session between Selby and Allen, I thought Selby had it in the bag. But Allen played with a bit more attack and won five on the spin for 16–15. Selby seemed to fall over the line, but did enough for the win at 17-15. Allen must be wondering what could have been had he had...
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    Yugo World Pool Championship

    I have a distant memory of watching this, Jim Rempe won, it was shown on “World of Sport” and to the young me it was a legitimate world title. Playing on unfamiliar tables and conditions he did tremendously well to win. I also remember he was constantly talking and jumped on the table when he...
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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    Looks like it’s being watched by one man and his dog, and they only turned up to shelter from the weather. There are too many versions of the 8- ball title I’m lost.
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    2023 World Pool Championship

    It does seem unprofessional, which is the last thing Matchroom are. My bet would be there is some behind the scenes wrangling between the WPA and Matchroom, I could imagine a fall out over rankings and who should be invited etc. Either way this is unfair on the player.
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    U.S. snooker

    Be nice to see a Snooker US Open or invitational Masters event. I don’t see it happening as I don’t believe Snooker has much of a following in the US. I would really like to see Snooker back in Canada as they produced some fabulous players in the past, but again I think the world has moved...
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    Barry did save snooker from the dire slump it was in, I didn’t like everything he did (especially messing with the UK championship format), but I can’t deny he turned the game around with more prize money, more tournaments and proper professional management. He also turned the darts into a...
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    Another Ronnie and Judd Final

    Always good to see a Ronnie and Judd final, both very attacking players, who like fluid frames. Obviously Ronnie did the damage in the first session, and although Judd gave it everything (including a 147) and closed the gap in the evening, in the end Ronnie was too strong on the night. I know...
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    Blackball - Divisional Federation (ruleset) under the WPA (World Pool Association) *DIVIDED in 2022*

    Thanks, very interesting, although personally looking at the prize money for the IPA I would call it more a pro-am series. A quick glance at the prize for next years “world title“ is £15,000, and to make a living you would have to be winning nearly everything.
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    Blackball - Divisional Federation (ruleset) under the WPA (World Pool Association) *DIVIDED in 2022*

    One question, what happened to the IPA. According to them they are the WPA official body for Blackball? Did they fall out of favour?
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    Blackball - Divisional Federation (ruleset) under the WPA (World Pool Association) *DIVIDED in 2022*

    I just find this all more than a little crazy. In the end these "arguments" over rules are just cheap excuses for control of the game. Two "world championships" at the same time, with both sides blaming the other, what a complete farce. After reading this maybe the best thing would be the...
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    WEPF to phase out own ruleset in favour of international rules for English pool

    If I have any sympathy in the the political mess UK pool has become it lies more with the WEPF basically because in my mind they were first in and had a well recognised “world title” in place for many years. Although even then there were rival organisations they didn’t (in my eyes at least)...
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    Mark Allen complaining about tables.

    I love Snooker, but the players moan to much, there is always a problem with something.
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    WEPF to phase out own ruleset in favour of international rules for English pool

    I can see getting ride of the two shot rule, will bring more confusion for pub players up and down the country. Personally I’ve played with the two shot foul for so long its going to be quite a change and a few drunken arguments are bound to happe. But anyway I’m sure we’ll all cope. But I do...
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    American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship (Oct 24-29), Norfolk, Winner $10K

    Thanks for the reply, not that I know much anything about straight pool, (other than it’s the one we’re you keep potting balls). But as I say I just find the what is the governing bodies responsibility to the sport a good question. When it all boils down you are dead right, it’s a business...
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    American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship (Oct 24-29), Norfolk, Winner $10K

    I have no real preference, but it does to me raise the interesting question of what the governing body role is? If the governing body of pool is to raise the profile of pool in all its forms. Then it should sanction a world title and maybe host it close to a big nine ball event to allow player...
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    American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship (Oct 24-29), Norfolk, Winner $10K

    A random question to pool fans, as I understand it straight pool is one of the oldest forms of pool and requires a high level of skill with luck playing less of a part than other games. If strong fields can be assembled why can’t there be a world championship organised? Surely if the desire is...