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    Nick Varner 8 butt 4 shaft

    The only way to make a Varner case nicer, have Nick personally sign it!!! What an honor
  2. J

    Nick Varner 8 butt 4 shaft

    All leather, heavy duty stitching, over sized pockets, stand up on it's own, very very well constructed. I highly recommend!!!
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    looking for a Z2 uniloc

    I have a Z3 Radial Unilock with 3 minutes play time, still brand new.
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    Reading that Mosconi thread on the main page made me think

    I his later years he played 7, 8, 9 ball and rotation. But he was in his later 60s then. He was the best shot maker in the game with the most incredible cue control in his time. In his prime, no one could beat him at any game with any level of consistency.
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    Mohawk cue

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    Mohawk cue

    I just purchased a brand new Zeus which is also a 3/8-11 the same as my Mohawk cues. They are all 3/8-11 but you can not put the Mohawk on the Zeus or vice versa. They will start and go maybe 1 full turn and that's it. Must be a different pitch.
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    Cue tip question

    That tip wouldn't even hold chalk much less an off center hit. We cut it off and put on a Ultra Soft layered tip and changed the entire thing. Still has a very hard hit but plays like a dream now. I'm not positive that original tip was even leather it was so hard.....
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    Southwest style cues.

    The Zeus is a work of art, truely a beautiful recut cue with great fit and finish. No LD shaft needed it shoots so true. Im ordering a 12 point recut now.
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    Southwest style cues.

    I hope to own an actual SW one of these years, but this is the best I can do for now. All 3 hit and play amazing.
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    Cue tip question

    I haven't played for over a decade, I'm still using my 96 314 shaft with the original tip and I love it. I just bought a brand new Zeus yesterday and trying to figure out what tip is on this. It is hard as a rock, doesn't hold chalk well, and I can barely use a tip pix as it feels like I'm...
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    Have any of you ever tried out a Generic cue that you felt was a great playing cue?

    They hit amazing, I now have 3 Mint Mohawks
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    Mohawk cue

    Freshly acquired all original
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    Nick Varner anniversary cue.

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    The cue you WONT let go...

    3 if you can believe it....
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    I will overpay for your Schon R8 or R14 Cue

    Are you still looking for a Runde R-14? I have one, stacked leather wrap, 2 shafts, 1 original stitch ring and 1 hybrid. I also have a brand new condition mid 1990's R-12, silver nickle rings and original 13mm shaft. Flawless, not refinished.
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    The cue you WONT let go...

    Were you the one who bought my old Runde in 06/07?
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    The cue you WONT let go...

    Laugh all you want, I searched 19 years for a mint condition all original #7 with the original shaft both 100% straight.
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    Help me decide on a table size

    I've always owned 9s and 7s and just recently but I mint 1968 Brunswick 8. It plays really good, but the angles seem off or different to me. I can't nail down why I don't like, but I dont.
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    Opinions on this " rare Joss "