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    Seal a CF Shaft

    What does a glove protect against? I think your shaft either needs to be cleaned or you need more than a glove...
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    Gold Crown 1 Sub Rail modification.

    Wouldn't they be guaranteed to be rock hard after all these years?
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    Gold Crown (?) Identification

    Hello all, I saw this come up for sale nearby and am wondering if it is a gold crown and if so, which version. I've compared these photos with the popular chart that's been posted and didn't reach a conclusion. Thanks in advance
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    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    Oh my word!!!
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    Anyone see that Blackboar cue on Facebook? Ouch.

    The link above says the CNC mill does inlays. Presumably by CNC. I have honestly no idea what you meant
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    Turning Stone Joss NE Tour Stream?

    SHUT UP! LET ME FINISH. He's talking about Darren Appleton's lips. I'm not joking.
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    Turning Stone Joss NE Tour Stream?

    Let me tell y'all somethin bout that doggone knee-ick-name!!!!!
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    Turning Stone Joss NE Tour Stream?

    I tuned in with Garrett Vaughan something beating Pat Fleming 4-3 Johnny Archer doing commentary and he is going off about doctors, medication, how he has tried to do good by Oscar, and telling y'all im gonna tell y'all something threatening to get the 1 or 2 people that have been negative...
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    1 Pocket - Amar Kang Memorial

    Yeah good for them, feels like every smaller billiards streamer is going for that community feel and that clearly appeals to some. Not for me, so I didn't watch. Having them (especially while playing with hair, swinging back in forth in the chair, etc etc) and chat (you can manually enable chat...
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    1 Pocket - Amar Kang Memorial

    Both of us complainers in here said some version of "don't like x,y,z, not watching" You "if ya don't like something Don't watch it"
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    1 Pocket - Amar Kang Memorial

    One guy spinning in his chair, the other blabbing about all things other than pool, the chat forced into the video...very unappealing. Too bad as I'd love to see this Morra v Oscar match with good commentary.
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    Wolford Wrong Cueing Against Alcaide @ 4-4 Mosconi Cup

    Guy who scratched cued wrong ?
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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    Bit surprising theyd have him on as I thought he was widely known as a bully with poor sportsmanship, is a 1p expert, 9 ball regular pro. And he's just okay at commentating. Could improve, who knows Edit: I don't know if he is a bully, just what I've heard
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    Experiences with Peri Oriental Dragon Break Cue

    Does anyone here have any experiences with the Peri Oriental Dragon Break Cue? There isn't a lot of info out there on this cue. It's one of the only big name carbon fiber break cues that isn't decorated like a workout shirt so I'm potentially interested in picking one up. Thanks
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    Reason for “expensive “ chalk

    I may have misheard but Albin said most guys use cleaner chalk "like predator or even Kamui" I know he's sponsored by them and all but wowwww man in my experience predator chalk is horrendously messy (haven't used their new extra super duper premium stuff) As a table owner - I will never use...
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    Finally getting to scratch the itch (South West)

    I've always loved a simple cue look. Do you know what oil they use to finish them?
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    Indoor repair workshop inquiries

    Sounds like you'll have a nice setup. Your standalone unit is a 2-stage separator to a vacuum (or DC or ?) independent of the home? What style are you going with for that? I'm pretty happy with the shop vac as far as post work cleanup goes and more than likely wouldn't use the central vac at...
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    Indoor repair workshop inquiries

    Hello, I'm headed to a new home and have a good sized workshop in the basement. I'd like to put my lathe there as opposed to the garage but am of course concerned about 1) safety and 2) cleanliness. The workshop has a smooth concrete floor but much of the house is carpeted and I don't want to be...
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    Keep shaft discoloration but re-slick

    A friend wants his shaft slicked up like it's new but he'd like to keep his blue gray tinge, whats your process like?