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    New Southwest - Killer Maple and Coco

    Nice clean look can you send me the specs?
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    alex brick

    Hi Sir is the AB log on this cue ?
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    My new toy and some work in progress

    Looks like a money maker to me. Congratulations
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    FS: southwest cue

    South west cue Hi there I will take it. Send me a p.m.
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    JOB Billiards Info

    Job's 615 868 4270
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    my favorite Southwest

    South west cue Nice cue is it for sale?
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    2 RARE TAD KOHARA Super *** EYE CANDY***

    tad very, very nice cues ! w/ out question. the nicest tad's I have ever seen. you are very lucky, sir.
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    My two new South Wests

    South west cue Very nice cues.Call me @ 615 500 6476
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    Possibly The Baddest Case In The Land...

    Nice case is that a Sw inside of it ???
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    Best Hitting Cues Survey - Please Reply

    South west South west
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    Southwest for sale

    South west cue Hi there can you call me at 615 500 6476 Terry thanks
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    *** Southwest Custom 2007 ***

    Very nice cue.
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    **Southwest cues for sale**

    southwest cues I sent you a pm
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    Cohen Cue made for JimmyRayK

    Jimmy that's a great keeper.
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    Favorite Cuemaker (ONLY ONE!)

    South West forever and always
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    *#* FS Southwest Wrapless Merry Widow *#*

    South west I think it is a 58" cue.
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    Cue Completed for Local Cue Show

    Nice wrapless sir.
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    11+ years later I get my South West

    sw cue Hi sir is your very nice cue for sell?
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    birdsye & coco for mr. or1pkt

    Very nice wrapless cue.
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    Davis Conversion by Eddie Cohen

    Very nice Davis conversion.