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    Joe tucker practise balls

    Does anybody have it practise balls for sale.
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    Mezz EC7-W6

    Mezz Please tell me where I can get a good price!! I'll forget the leather wrap. E-Mail
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    Loaded Schon Cue

    Schon Is the SL21 still available? 5/16-14 joint? Is this a new cue?
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    Mezz EC7-W6

    I want to buy A Mezz EC7-W6 w/2 WD700 shafts and a black lizzard wrap, for app. 1200.00. Any ideas where or who I could contact, NEW ONLY!!!
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    Mezz vs Schon

    app. 900.00 Mezz cue with the United joint vs Schon. Which one is the better player/ which has the stiffer hit. I will be putting a triangle on either. HELP!!
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    Wtt stl-11

    Jim Baxter Brunswick conversion Have a brunswick conversion--great ring work 2 Baxter shafts- brought it on az from chances are about 1 year ago 99.9 condition -radial app. 20 oz. Talked to Phillipi they said about 850.00 new.Baxter joint protectors. If interested can send pics in a couple...
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    meucci refinish

    can a meucci with the polymer cover be refinished?? If so by whom, and approx. how much.
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    LTF~WTB~ Ebony Titlist

    conversion I have a like new Jim Baxter Brunswick conversion , if interested, 2 shafts, radial.
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    DP-R shafts

    opinion please on Dale Perry R shafts compared to OB1 - 314 2 - Tiger ultra
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    DP-R shafts

    opinions please---- DP-R shaft vs other low deflection shafts
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    Jacoby cues

    Are Jacoby cues custom or production?? Is the 5/16-14 a hitter like their radial?? Are their shafts any good???
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    Mezz vs Schon

    I am torn between a Mezz w/ a WD700 and a schon W/ standard shaft. Both are in the 700.00 range. I have never hit with either, was interested in my fellow AZ'ers opinion. Thanks in advance!!!
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    How do Dale Perry's play Have a chance to pick 1 up.
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    WTB Pro & Advanced Pro Book & DVD

    I have both email me
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    brunswick butterfly conversion

    trade would you be interested in a trade? I have a newly refinished 2006 jack madden model jm1006 on page 8 of his website. i would be losing a lot on a trade but want something different,