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    When does BONUS BALL START?!?!?!?!?!

    Never Well hopefully never!!!! If the game can put a pool player to sleep I wonder what it will do to the non-pool playing masses?
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    Predator 314 shafts

    Ok I think they all get their respective warpage on their long boring boat ride from china. Maybe they try to get a little style points so they stand out from the others after being cramped in their hotel( container ). In all honesty and joking aside, My predator blank was a US made second...
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    Bonus Ball is great and all, but......

    Yawn I could not even make it 15minutes into the bonus ball video trailer. I'm not including the 15minutes of preface before the games began. It was way to slow and boring of a game to watch. The game takes even less skill to play. Regardless, most of the pool players I have spoken with...
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    Efren playing the ghost.

    table Unless they changed something at Hardtimes those are not the shimmed tables. It has been many years since I have been in SoCal, but when I was there the only shimmed tables were the tournament tables. Tournament tables were either double or triple shimmed GC1's and were a definite...
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    Long nose live center

    Wow American products were never over priced when we were producing the best quality and not sub-farming out the manufacturing to 3rd world countries. The product was affordable because more people were employed making decent wages and even had some jingle in their pockets to buy custom...
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    Who is the Professional Governing Body with Official Rankings?

    hmmm What other flaky business venture person was based in the chicago area and started a "tour"? Coincendence? Ofcourse CW and KT both could push and sell the snake oil :grin:
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    >>>.....FS: Loaded 8-pt ebony/ebony Ariel Carmeli (Crazy Price!).....<<<

    Sweet Cue Sean, Wow!!! Another beautiful Ariel cue. Good luck with the sale. Hope all is well with you man. Scott
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    Slumps: Myth or Reality?

    Would rather call them lulls or flat spots in the learning curve. Would rather call them lulls or flat spots in the learning curve. We all like to look at the negative of our pools games as a slump instead of a flat spot along our learning curve. Most people in pool want to see their games...
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    Are More Players Going To The ar Box?

    Happening here as we speak!!! My idiotic pool room has decided to move out the last two 9 footers to make room for more dumb(oops dart) boards. Last time I checked the name on the front of the room said billiards and not darts. Oddly enough the 2---9 footers stayed normally rented from...
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    Pins in the shaft

    Corsair? I thought I read something long ago, while searching for the maker of one of my pin in the shaft cues, that Corsair had made some. Now I believe they were his early cues while he was still experimenting and were done without any markings. Once again I do not remember where I found...
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    $10000 for first place

    Yeah Joey-------------this is the same fluff tactic that Janis uses with the Viking Tour. Let's make it look bigger than it is. Tournament payout and calcutta are two different animals. They never need to be added together, period. Entry fee vs. calcutta use totally different odds...
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    Bobby Pickle Report

    I, also. wish Bobby the best of luck in his pending legal matters. I would hate to see someone who is already living on borrowed time to spend any or all of it in a small cell. Pass along my best wishes to Bobby.
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    Pro Pool in America

    I agree to disagree. LOL Actually Jaden, In the early years of both football and basketball sponsorship came from uniform, equiptment and shoe manufacturers. Now in past 30 some odd yrs sponsorship has come from outside their respective industries.
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    Pro Pool in America

    The first step is realizing why pool in America is at its current status. One word GREED. Greed from the pool manufactures and promoters have diminished the desire for a single combined entity. Competition between promoters have given the opportunity for a segregated venue within players...
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    Action knocking....

    Jude, you asked about how to approach scenario 2. I've done all of 4 different ways ofcourse depending on my like or dislike of the road player. I've flat out said it during the middle of their set to the road player. Said to my friend during the set. And said it to either between sets. I...
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    Action knocking....

    answer Is this a friend or an aquaintance? If an aquaintance do you involve yourself in either scenario? NO if a friend that you classify as a friend?] Scenario 1 is Gambling and no involvement necessary.Scenario 2 is hustling and the answer is YES
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    Action knocking....

    This is a great subject that unfortunately will never have one correct answer. People classify friends in various ways. People also treat and protect friends in different ways too. I have been playing pool for over 20yrs, and have seen many road and professional players. Now I own this...
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    shoot lefty but I'm a righty?

    hennessee shoots opposite his dominate side due to an accident that removed a few of his fingers. everyone can overcome or shoot opposite hand if they spend enough time and practice to do so. as to whether it is an asset to shoot opposite of your dominant side is a good question. I know...
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    Table Make/Model?

    Its a very interesting table. However, I also do not believe it to be a Gold Crown. It has alot of similiar qualities to my 1967 Murray, but I would not consider it a Murray table either. The joint connectors/metal pocket mount to the sides of the rails. Your pictures show your metal...