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    Mcdermott g706

    McDermott g706 never been used for 500
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    McDermott G309 CHEAP!

    BUMP john
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    McDermott G309 CHEAP!

    Bump for a great price. Negotiable
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    McDermott G309 CHEAP!

    Selling a McDermott G309 for $300.00 Brand new never been played with. Regular sticker price $350.00. I will pay for shipping. V/R John
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    Predator BK 2 Sport Wrap Absolutely Like New

    Bk2 PM SENT. Thanks. Regards, John
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    Break cue recommendations.

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a break cue for a friend of mine and don't know what to get.. I know there are a lot of threads on this, but I was looking more for exact specifications of the break cue...i.e. shaft, weight, tip, etc. Price isn't really an issue. I'm not looking for a jump/break...
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    Mezz PB2 for sale

    Mezz Hello, I've sent you a PM but I'm not sure if you got it. I am interested in purchasing your cue but wondering if it's wrapless and if you have any pictures. If you haven't seen my PM please PM me with the information. Thank you. Regards, John
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    Forsale; 2 Schon Cues

    Interested Hello, Interested in both cues. PM sent. Thanks. Regards, john
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    F/S - Pechauer CUSTOM cue

    Pm sent ..........................
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    Nearly New Pechauer JP14 For Sale

    Pm sent .........................................
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    Absolutely Beautiful Schon!! Must see!

    Pm sent.................
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    FS: Schon BW4 SP Series Sneaky Pete - Pristine condition.

    if this is still sent.
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    MINT Schon CX03 with 2 shafts

    pm new pm sent.
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    Schon Z2 for sale

    Interested. PM sent.
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    FS - Predator 314-2 Shaft (Brand New)

    new shaft PM sent. Check your inbox please.
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    Rare Schon / Runde R-Series Variant Cue - R-12 Varient sent