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    >> Cantando Ebony on Ebony With Ivory Chain Link Ring Work & Engraving <<

    Sweet cue, nice how the wrap suits it, great looking cue
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    whats in your case??

    lol i thought it was funny tbh, "whats in your case" xD @sealegs50 are those cases "thermal" proof? like changes in temperature from hot <-> cold ? grtz
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    whats in your case??

    May i ask how you get to the bottom of the big pouch up front? Seems kinda odd to drop and shake from the top lol:confused:
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    Ebony,Amboyna and Western Maple Burl

    Damn lovely cue! Very nice spear points
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    What's in my case?

    Nice cues you have there
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    whats in your case??

    Theyre made by renzline, and if im not mistaken theyre produced by longoni (europe), i buy them from a local billiard shop but they might be available at
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    New MVP crazy curly maple and highly figured bubinga

    its a bit plain on first sight, but i like how you let the wood do the talking, and the ringwork just.. damn ^^ very satisfying cue to look at, very nice
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    whats in your case??

    this is everything i carry around everytime and actually use tip shaper, blue diamond & molinari chalk, another tip shaping gadget, kamui chalk and sandpaper different 'hardness' :smile:
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    New Bluegrass

    Nice cue, love the wood on forearm/butt
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    2013 Joss "Handmade" Cue - Not Exactly What They "Used To Make"

    if i'd pay 1800 dollars or 1300ish euros for a cue and it has that quality i'd be pissed and that cue would be back to the maker alongside myself quicker than it got to me, how can anyone deliver such a cue for that amount of money? im stunned
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    Introducing Cohen Cues

    very nice looking cues, the flame one and mother of pearl is just ... :o
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    Brazilian Ivory & Gold Schick

    very nice looking clue, nice inlay work too
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    what cue makers or brands have you owned?

    mine were adam buffalo horus kobayashi longoni maxton
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    hey guys, im relatively new to this forum or atleast making a post ^^ didnt really find an introduction section so here i am :rolleyes: im a cue freak, i like them alot so i thought i'd share my cues too :) now i dont play pool but i'll talk more about that after the cue pics :grin: Adam x2...