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  1. oldplayer

    Free Live Stream ★★ APA 8 BALL GOLD CUP ★★ JUNE 1-3,2018

    thank you gentlemen for the links however, both say to log in to with trepidation I say, "fi".
  2. oldplayer

    Free Live Stream ★★ APA 8 BALL GOLD CUP ★★ JUNE 1-3,2018

    apparently Al does not give a crap whether i see it or not, how disappointing. you have always been extremely competent with the streams except in this matters not, this week, after 55 years of shooting pool, i am giving it up and have sold all of my cues and accessories, hope...
  3. oldplayer

    Free Live Stream ★★ APA 8 BALL GOLD CUP ★★ JUNE 1-3,2018

    greetings Al, for years I have watched and enjoyed your free streams, a job very well done sir. i looked forward to the "ginky" matches having seen the past few years of that streaming and last week you put it on facebook. even though you posted you had set it on "public" i could not get access...
  4. oldplayer

    Mika vs Toasty live on fb

    just a thank you for posting that match.....without giving away the ending......what a great match...what a bank on the 5 ball by another one like that if you can...:grin:
  5. oldplayer

    A Huge loss!

    just got the news a few minutes ago. I watched many, many of his golf matches. golf player or not, this man had Class! R.I.P Mr.Golf!
  6. oldplayer

    Great White Mako Blue....

    BY far........the best...not had coffee yet! :sorry:
  7. oldplayer

    Great White Mako Blue....

    pm sent, thank you for the opportunity! it is the beat by far! :)
  8. oldplayer

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    apparently albin brought a can of "whup ass" and shane got the full dose!
  9. oldplayer

    Ray Martin video 14.1 Seminar

    thank you very much sir! :thumbup:
  10. oldplayer

    Ray Martin video 14.1 Seminar

    I'm getting a "404 error" can't find when I click on the link from the op....can anyone help ?
  11. oldplayer

    Different Country's played?

    not in order usa Switzerland Trinidad st.vincent bequia Venezuela china st.maarten licthenstein bonaire
  12. oldplayer

    how do you carry you cues on a motorcycle ?

    i use 2 straps and put the case lengthwise on the back. yes, 2/3 overhangs over the back of the bike but never a problem and speeds up to 75 mph on the xpressway. I have a predator case and put the opening end at my back. just did that yesterday as a matter of fact and won my 14.1 match...
  13. oldplayer

    I have yellowed balls

    I'm 70 years old and mine are blue! :thud::outtahere:
  14. oldplayer

    This is a joke... Right?

    kinda funny that the price of $27.95 was marked thru with the new price of $27.95 and you save "0%"........:eek:
  15. oldplayer

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    that is some funny s#*t right there! liked the spider the best !!!! :eek:
  16. oldplayer

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I think the lady wearing them needs some kudos too, of course there is more about what I could say she needs, but, I might get banned! :shocked2::outtahere:
  17. oldplayer

    Slow play

    I was in a APA master's league and had a match going and the opponent was so slow that I asked their captain if the rules allowed me to help them make a decision on what ball to shot next! :eek: the answer of course was "NO"! I don't think that went over too well but for them to walk around the...
  18. oldplayer

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    :eek: :killingme:
  19. oldplayer

    Atlanta---come on down!

    then last night not enough folks were vaping because by 8 pm the air was thick with smoke, foggy like, and the a/c must have been broken because it was hot and "stuffy" in there......couldn't take a deep breath! :sorry:
  20. oldplayer

    12 more derby videos

    Dennis, as 14.1 is my favorite game, I appreciate all that you do in promoting same and the trouble loading these for us, however, when I went to your link just now, the message is, "there are no videos found".....typo in your link maybe? take your time for me though, yesterday the local pool...