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    3x6 leather Tooled Delta case

    Very nice. Im currently in the market for a new case but I’m not familiar. Is this basically a handmade version of an Instroke FIT case? Looks identical. Exact same stitch pattern.
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    Vollmer FS/Priced to Move!

    Real player here! 8 point high/low, Iv and silver inlays with snakewood, leather wrap, awesome birdseye, 5/16-14, 2 shafts both with Iv ferrules and layered tips. Cue is straight all around. To be safe I'll say SLIGHT tapper roll on shafts...Butt is 29.25 and ill get weights and shaft lengths...
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    Barry Szamboti NEW unchalked

    You sir have won the FS section killer cues of the day award with all the hardware you have posted today!! Congrats. BEAUTIFUL to say the least.
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    Matched Pair of Gilberts for sale

    Nice set you have!
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    Joss Cue how old? What is it worth?

    I think you came out good on that one! :D
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    Joss Cue how old? What is it worth?

    Send me your PayPal and I'll take it for $400:thumbup:
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    DCC Jump Cues

    I enjoy well executed jump shots. In fact I was watching a "greatest shots" of an event last night on YouTube and it had tons of jump shots! I think they are one of the more exciting shots to watch. Yes it's fun to watch a well played kick safety or kick in shot but also fun to watch a well hit...
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    ******Barnhart/Hoppe Style******

    ******Barnhart/Hoppe Style/Will Trade Up****** 4 tall even ebony points into a pretty piece of Birdseye, elephant ear wrap with a seam that is hard to even find, signature silver dot ring work at the collar, all white is the good stuff, radial pin, Butt is 15.5 oz. Shaft 1 is 13mm, 29.5 inches...
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    Does Your Poolroom Allow Players to Eat While Playing?

    You have been open for 22 years. Hard to argue with that. Good luck. :thumbup:
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    Does Your Poolroom Allow Players to Eat While Playing?

    I know what you're saying but still think it severally handicaps ones business. This is a casual game to most people who play when the mood strikes them or on a whim. Playing and eating go together if both are available. I would bet the vast majority of these people would not "take a food break"...
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    Does Your Poolroom Allow Players to Eat While Playing?

    This almost seems comical. I have had the privilege to play all over the country and NEVER seen a room do this and it would CERTAINLY not be my room of choice if they did. I see you splitting hairs here. I have never played on a table that had "grease" stains on them. Is that due to them being...
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    Cory Barnhart Sneaky 3 Shafts! Great Price!

    Cocobolo Barnhart sneaky pete. Brown joint/butt cap, signed Barnhart in silver above the butt cap. 2 original shafts with like new Kamui Black Clear M, one OB-1 with matching ring work from Cory. Shaft 1: 4.0oz 29 1/2" 12.8mm Shaft 2: 3.97oz 29 1/2" 12.8mm OB-1: 3.41oz 29" 12.5mm Butt...
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    My Stolen cue is on eBay

    100% AGREE! I even moved from my phone to my computer so i could see them really large and there a dead match. Prob i see is this cue was a "catalog" model where they sold many of the same design. I had a Schon stolen from my car a few years ago and found it at a pawnshop one town over. Well i...
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    My Stolen cue is on eBay

    WOW! I have driven by this place a lot. I live in Huntsville but stay with my girlfriend in Guntersville a lot. I went back and did some reading on your past threads Howard and this is a s***** thing. I do not know Chris Wood and do not reconize his face from the Facebook link you posted. GL...
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    J/ps with Old Coins inlaid .

    How would you drill for the pins or cut them since there glass? Very Cool idea!
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    3/8 x 10 - 5/16 x 14 ?

    3/8x10 is by far the most popluar option on conversions from my experience. Oh and im new but pretty sure per the rules this is the wrong section. Take care.
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    Andy Gilbert 6 Point

    PM sent. Thanks
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    To jump or kick?

    I try and kick or kick safe pretty much 100% of the time.
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    Phenolic joint vs Steel joint?

    Well said! I have had a hard time with joint/pin combos and feel its all in my head! I love a piloted 5 1/6-14 steel joint. But sometimes i feel like i will "Play Better" and get more feedback if i go back to a radial/phenolic joint or a 3/8-10/phenolic....??? BUT without everything equal(same...
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    One more reason to love and support Diamond Billiard Products

    Great story! I have felt for some time that Diamond is the ONLY was to go! Everything i have heard about them for the past several years has been nothing but good!