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    Predator BK2 bumper thread

    That was M16 x 1.5 after all. I printed 6" and 10" PLA extensions for that exact cue... they didn't mention it not fitting. It's been over a year since I've been here and I was hoping more people started 3D printing cue parts (at least extensions and butts). With these extensions coming in at...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Are they pressed or burned? HK silvers are rare these days for many reasons. If they're pressed it could be an honest typo from the screen artist. Adobe once had Photoshop spelled "Photoshope". If they're burned to boot, how would you know any of them are real? You could hope for session...
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    A Lot Of FB Links Popping Up In Here

    Using Facebook? "Dumb f*cks" - Mark Zuckerberg 2004 Facebook strives off of 40+ year old people and, that's so widely known that FB bought Instagram. Now that age projections for Instagram are sinking, they tried a digital currency to lock in identity+cash... fail. But FB can just buy that...
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    New Release from Zero-X- 100 8 Ball Patterns

    Facebook hyperlinks are the 3-card Monty of links. They remind me of those ancient Geocities links that first loaded a pop-up window but never loaded the video.
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    2+ Years with a REVO Shaft.

    Well, sure. While I don't disagree with any of that, can all of that not be said about any competitive product whatsoever? Data sheets are still given out by most manufacturers in much higher competitive fields, so why not for this? Besides, we're not asking for the formula to resin and carbon...
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    2+ Years with a REVO Shaft.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Predator gave you the specs like a responsible manufacturer? In the age of open everything, NOT supplying a data sheet is just not caring (especially for such a simple object). If you ever find the specs, I *think* general beam deflection works like this: cube_root(aD /...
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    Hi hat lighting

    Why tube diffusers? I don't know what type of tube diffusers he'll use, but hopefully you've seen them working as they typically kill a lot of light from LEDs, especially at the sharpest angles. They're great for softening as they kill light, but you'll need extremely bright LEDs to light a...
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    Predator extension

    Take up 3D printing as a hobby and print them.
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    2+ Years with a REVO Shaft.

    Yep, if you have dry or dryer hands they're great. Apparently people with moist hands claim a glove is a "MUST". How do you like not having to worry about warping from heat? That seems like a very large plus to me. The single reason I haven't bought one is because I know what jumping is like...
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    Color commentator for Mosconi Cup

    What a surprise here at azbilliards... all suggested are old white men in a thread titled with the implication of "color". I can't believe Alex Pagulayan hasn't been recommended, or, yes I can. Go whitey... go go... go whitey... go go... go whitey... go go If you're racist and you know it...
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    10 tips for pool players to prevent spreading covid-19

    5.Use Your Stick As A Guide For Social Distancing This will just encourage fights. If it is ever rude to point with a finger, what is it to point with a stick?
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    Creating a Low Deflection Shaft

    Sorry, for some reason I used the cubed root.
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    Creating a Low Deflection Shaft

    That would mean the 12.5 tip has only a ~3mm hole. You should be able to get at least a 5mm hole.
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    Creating a Low Deflection Shaft

    Yes exactly, strong and hollowable, that's it. Carbon fiber is cheap too so it works great. Anyone have the link with the profiles and xrays handy (it should be stickied, it's really helpful as demonstration)? It could be possible to use a material without hollowing out the tip end and...
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    Drills or games?

    Always concentrating = always improving
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    Bk-3 noise

    I'm guessing a weight bolt is loose in some fashion, butt threading? A cheap $10 snake cam could help.
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    Early Adam Corsair

    E-bay is a no go, you undoubtedly need an Adam's collector. I'm not a collector nor am I one to know up from down with prices, but I have Adam's in my "respectable sticks" watch filter on e-bay and all the Adam's cues going for $500+ are never selling. There's some for a $1000+ but they ship...
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    Handicapping system for singles tournament

    Bubble sort. Use match quantity and ladders, forget player ratings. For instance, the top level is 4. Everyone starts at level 1 and has 4 matches/comparisons to get there. Some wom"t be strong enough to climb all the way up and those that climb up and lose fall back down or stay (many ways...
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    The reason I prefer 8 ball over 9 or 10 ball.

    Ten chars.
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    Black Kamui SS Tips

    Yes. A few years ago I bought into SS and had a Black SS put on a Predator z2, after a week it went lopsided. Reshaped it, went lopsided again. Had it replaced, he used a clear, it never went lopsided but I had to babysit shaping. Regardless of patience, for those few months with the clear the...